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Big MRO Data & a Fan Blisk That's More Reliable

innovative fan blisk spells reliability & maintainability As you all enjoy this holiday season while in the midst of your families, unwind with this week's aviation round-up. New innovative fan blisk for GE Passport engine, Air Force destroys $115 million airplane, converting big MRO data into action, and how to manage your time.

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"If the maintenance is robust and properly followed, aircraft have a virtually infinite life." — John Cox

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Innovative Fan Blisk Spells Reliability and Maintainability — “Among the latest innovations on the GE Passport engine is a unique, 52-inch integrated fan blade and disk, called a blisk, which replaces the traditional fan design that incorporates a hub and individual blades.”

Air Force loses $115 million gunship to a 'sideslip' — “How can you destroy a $115 million airplane without crashing it? Fly it upside down. That's exactly what happened to one of the Air Force's newest gunships, the AC-130J Ghostrider, this year during a test flight.”

Getting Ready For Big MRO Data — “As airframes, engines and avionics generate more data, MROs and OEMs evaluate ways to use it for prognostics, converting big data into action.”

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20% Off Popular Aircraft Maintenance Tape — Who doesn’t like some good ‘ole aircraft maintenance tape? We go through a ton of a few popular models so we want to extend some bulk savings to you. For the items mentioned in this post, you’ll receive up to 20% off list price on ALL case orders.

Time Management Tips — Here are 6 time management tips that can improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more you will get done each day.

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CAPA India Aviation Summit

  • February 3-4, 2016
  • Mumbai, India

Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition

  • April 12-14, 2016
  • Shanghai, China

European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

  • May 24-26, 2016
  • Geneva, Switzerland

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Currency Trouble & How to Stay Calm

Currency Trouble & How to Stay Calm The best aviation news and events now come to you every week. The future of Viva Group, Emirates removes first class, tips for sleeping well on a plane, Brazilian currency plunge effects on Gol, and how to stay calm under pressure.

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"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." — Henry Ford

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Viva Group spreads its ambition to Costa Rica and Central America’s barren LCC landscape — “In mid-2015 new reports surfaced that the Viva Group aimed to launch its third airline in Costa Rica by YE2015 with two A320s initially focusing on flights to Central America."

Emirates plane removes first class to fit in the most seats ever — “Emirates launches new two-class Airbus A380 after scrapping first class in favor of expanding economy and creating the largest ever passenger plane."

11 Tips for Sleeping Well on a Plane — “Studies have shown that lack of sleep can decrease brain performance by 20 percent, so it's crucial to anyone crossing time zones to rest as much as possible during the flight. Washington, D.C.–based clinical sleep educator and RN Terry Cralle shared her tips for powering down (and getting at least a power nap) on a flight."

Brazilian Currency Plunge Put Gol in Bad Position — “Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA posted a record quarterly loss and cut its profitability outlook as the real’s plunge increased the financial burden on Brazil’s biggest airline."

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Cut Your Rotable Cycle Times In Half Right Now — “You’ll often hear about how awful turn-around-times (TAT) are. They’re a constant headache, almost as much as an AOG. Learn about the stages where time can be cut in half, and millions can be saved."

How Successful People Stay Calm Under Pressure — Losing your cool at the drop of a hat can cause people to doubt your credibility as a business leader. Try these 6 tips for remaining calm and in control.

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Singapore Airshow

  • February 16-21, 2016
  • Changi, Singapore

SpeedNews 6th Annual Aerospace Raw Materials & Manufacturers Supply Chain Conference

  • March 7, 2016
  • Beverly Hills, California

MRO Americas

  • April 5-7, 2016
  • Dallas, Texas


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The Disturbing Truth: How Airplanes Are Maintained Today

Disturbing Truth About How Airlines Are Maintained Today The search is over. We bring you the best aviation stories from this week. Why AOGs drive airlines crazy, whether lithium batteries can be made safe, the truth about airplane maintenance, and how to stay positive.

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"To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home." — Anonymous

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Why AOGs drive airlines crazy and how to minimize their impact — “AOGs are a thorn in your spine. They give you an overwhelmed feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. A feeling you can't outrun. This is why planning and knowing your operational downside is important."

To the rescue: Can lithium batteries be made safe for flight? — “Today more than 18 carriers have banned the bulk transport of lithium batteries as belly cargo on passenger planes, and some have banned the cells on all shipments, including freighters."

The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today — “In the last decade, most of the big U.S. airlines have shifted major maintenance work to places like El Salvador, Mexico, and China, where few mechanics are F.A.A. certified and inspections have no teeth."

The world needs aviation — how flying keeps us grounded — “Technology has made it easier than ever to turn our attention inward, with often depressing results. Aviation may seem like the ultimate activity for the confident individual, and yet learning to fly has a unique ability to make us humble."

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The Stress Free Benefits Of On-Demand Expendables — "You've labored over cutting POs, making sure the part number was right, and ensuring you have the right condition without overspending. Making things easier is your operational priority. Find out how through these benefits."

Stay Positive — Thinking negatively can drag down our moods, our actions and even our health. Learn ways to stay positive.

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Never Forget Your: Events 

NAAA 49th Annual Convention & Exposition

  • December 7-10, 2015
  • Savannah, Georgia

AOPA New Year's Day Fly In

  • January 1, 2016
  • Nappanee, Indiana

MRO Middle East

  • February 3-4, 2016
  • Dubai, UAE

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In The News: AF B777 Loses Landing Gear Panel Over Shanghai and $1.2M Penalties Against SkyWest

Boeing aware of metal 'fragility' issues before aircraft part plunged into Shanghai factory


Aerospace giant Boeing has ordered airlines around the world to address a "fragility" problem after a section of landing gear from one of its 777 passenger jets broke off shortly after take-off from Shanghai last week and plummeted 3,700 metres into a city suburb. Check out story here.

Article by: Danny Lee

Inspection Failings Could Cost SkyWest $1.2m

The FAA has proposed a total of $1.2m in civil penalties against SkyWest Airlines for failing to correctly inspect aircraft. The US regulator has proposed a penalty of $911, 000 alleging that Utab-based Skywest. More details here.

Article by: MRO Network

Additive Manufacturing For Aircraft Parts Is Taking Off

It is no secret that additive manufacturing is the hot topic, especially in our fast paced aviation world. Many companies are exploring this new frontier of technology because of its unbelievable benefits. Pratt and Whitney are a perfect example of the new exploration in this uncharted world with manufacturing engine brackets using 3D printing. They have embraced two of many additive manufacturing techniques to make engine components, engine brackets specifically. Instead of using expensive slabs of steel to shape aircraft parts, the process of additive manufacturing enables Pratt and Whitney to layer materials together using absolutely no waste.

Not only does Pratt and Whitney expend no waste, they also are manufacturing parts that are lighter and cheaper.

Additive Manufacturing Aircraft Parts Is Taking OffThis trifecta of efficiency is what the aviation industry is raving about and why companies like Pratt and Whitney and even GE Aviation has adopted this new technique in manufacturing.

GE has adopted laser-powered 3-D printers and inking machines to make aircraft parts that seemed like science fiction long ago. GE likes to call this next chapter in manufacturing the next step in our Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution was a transition from new manufacturing processes in the period that started in 1760.

Today, additive manufacturing starts a new chapter in the aviation industry.

The additive manufacturing process can increase the tempo of production, reduce waste, and produce designs that seems almost impossible with last generation manufacturing processes. Unusual brackets, new age propellers, and even new engine designs are now open door ideas with this new technology.

However, this new revolution for the industry is growing at a crawl. Additive manufacturing techniques will need to be improved before the entire market adopts the technique with open arms. Glitches and muddy precision is still very common unless a finer and more expensive 3-D printer is purchased.

It makes sense why our industry is an early adopter of this new technology in manufacturing.

Aviation costs are high and even the most minuscule reduction in any costs would be a substantial benefit to any aircraft part manufacturer.

This process is taking off with no emergency brake and is beginning to grow exponentially.

In 2016, GE Aviation will unveil 19 3-D printed fuel nozzles in a combustion system that can only be made using this method. They will lead the aviation industry with the first solid models of these unique parts. This exciting time is being called the new or 3rd industrial revolution and companies like GE and Pratt and Whitney are paving the way for others to lead.

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In The News: Additive Plane Parts Study, New Carbon Aircraft Brakes, And Retailers In The Air

Airliner landing in stormy weather

Additive Manufacturing of Parts Makes Planes Lighter and Cheaper

A case study by Northwestern University has confirmed 3-D printing can save the airline industry and the environment by saving on fuel and materials while cutting down on manufacturing wastes. Click here to find out more.

-Original article by Brian Wang

Carbon Brakes Replacing Steel Brakes on Aircraft

It takes some major friction to stop a 75 ton aircraft. Steel brakes are the universal choice in aircraft stopping power. But that is changing with new and more efficient Carbon Brakes. Find out more here.

-Original article by The Washington Post

Retailers In The Air

Ever wish you could order your in-flight lunch in the air? Or order a specific movie you wanted to watch in the back headrest on your mobile device? The idea isn’t too far fetched. Click here to learn more.

-Original article by Clint Boulton



In The News: Air Force Rebuilds C130 Wings, The Rebirth Of The Middle Seat, And The Reason Behind The Window Hole

aviation news Air Force Rebuilds The Wings Of A C130

Watch this video of the United States Air Force completely rebuilding the wings on a C130 Hercules. Click here for the original video.

Original video by The United States Air force


The Rebirth Of Sitting In The Middle seat

Thompson Aero Seating has re-invented the middle seat. No longer will passengers have to fight over who gets the window or isle seat. This is truly an amazing design. Check it out here!

Original article by Erika Owen


The Reason Behind The Small Hole In Airplane Windows Revealed

I know every time I have sat in a window seat, at some point during the flight that tiny hole comes into my view. I always wondered what it was there for, but never took the time to read about it. Click here to find out what it does!

Original article by Robbie Gonzalez

In The News: New B/E Aerospace Seats, Bird Damaging An Airplane, And Electronics During Flight

Airplane seat A New Seat Made By B/E Aerospace

Southwest is going to introduce a brand new seat designed by B/E Aerospace. These will be the widest economy seats on a 737. Click here to read more.

 Original article by The Cranky Flier


See What A Bird Can Do To An Airplane

A bird flew into the nose of a Turkish Airlines flight, and completely caved in the front. Luckily planes are built to take hits like this and be just fine. No one was injured and the plane landed safely. Click here to see the full article.

 Original article by Stan Schroeder


You Can Leave Your Electronics On During Flights!

A recent ruling states that passengers can keep their electronics on during takeoff and landing. Even though the FAA approved electronics, not all airlines are allowing this just yet. Click here to read more.

 Original article by Fiona Mcdonald


In The News: Airbus And Boeing Have New Patents, Electric Airplane, And Top Airline Amenities

How To Properly Manage Aircraft Component TATs (2)  Airbus And Boeing’s New Patents That Will Change The Way We Fly

Airbus and Boeing have filed for multiple patents recently. I don't want to spoil them, but one involves a touch screen window. Check the original article here.

Original article by Daisy Carrington


An Electric Airplane Exists?

Airbus will begin producing the first electric airplane. There are two models coming out and they will be available in late 2017 or 2018! See the original article here.

Original article by AirInsight


Top 10 Airline Amenities You Didn't Know About

Have you ever wanted to see your favorite band, or sip on Turkish coffee while flying? Find out the top 10 things airlines have to offer. Click here to see the original article.

Original article by Huffington Post

In The News: Flying More Economical Than Driving, BER Parts To Art, And A Personal 747 Manson


 Flying Is More Economical Than Driving

It is official that flying is more efficient than driving a car. Moving one person 1 mile consumes 2,465 BTU's in a plane, VS. 4,211 BTU's in a car. Click here to read more.

Original article by Shane Ferro


Turn Your BER Parts Into Art

You probably have a warehouse full of BER aircraft parts that are useless.  Well why not dress up your office with some of those old parts. Click here to get some ideas. I like number 9 the best!

Original article by Julian on Business Pundit


Boeing 747 Refit To Be Personal Plane

We all wonder what it would be like to be wealthy and buy anything we wanted. Well check out what this mystery man did to a 747 he turned into a flying 400 million dollar home! Check it out here.

Original article by Hugo Gye