In The News: AF B777 Loses Landing Gear Panel Over Shanghai and $1.2M Penalties Against SkyWest

Boeing aware of metal 'fragility' issues before aircraft part plunged into Shanghai factory


Aerospace giant Boeing has ordered airlines around the world to address a "fragility" problem after a section of landing gear from one of its 777 passenger jets broke off shortly after take-off from Shanghai last week and plummeted 3,700 metres into a city suburb. Check out story here.

Article by: Danny Lee

Inspection Failings Could Cost SkyWest $1.2m

The FAA has proposed a total of $1.2m in civil penalties against SkyWest Airlines for failing to correctly inspect aircraft. The US regulator has proposed a penalty of $911, 000 alleging that Utab-based Skywest. More details here.

Article by: MRO Network