In The News: Additive Plane Parts Study, New Carbon Aircraft Brakes, And Retailers In The Air

Airliner landing in stormy weather

Additive Manufacturing of Parts Makes Planes Lighter and Cheaper

A case study by Northwestern University has confirmed 3-D printing can save the airline industry and the environment by saving on fuel and materials while cutting down on manufacturing wastes. Click here to find out more.

-Original article by Brian Wang

Carbon Brakes Replacing Steel Brakes on Aircraft

It takes some major friction to stop a 75 ton aircraft. Steel brakes are the universal choice in aircraft stopping power. But that is changing with new and more efficient Carbon Brakes. Find out more here.

-Original article by The Washington Post

Retailers In The Air

Ever wish you could order your in-flight lunch in the air? Or order a specific movie you wanted to watch in the back headrest on your mobile device? The idea isn’t too far fetched. Click here to learn more.

-Original article by Clint Boulton



In The News: Air Force Rebuilds C130 Wings, The Rebirth Of The Middle Seat, And The Reason Behind The Window Hole

aviation news Air Force Rebuilds The Wings Of A C130

Watch this video of the United States Air Force completely rebuilding the wings on a C130 Hercules. Click here for the original video.

Original video by The United States Air force


The Rebirth Of Sitting In The Middle seat

Thompson Aero Seating has re-invented the middle seat. No longer will passengers have to fight over who gets the window or isle seat. This is truly an amazing design. Check it out here!

Original article by Erika Owen


The Reason Behind The Small Hole In Airplane Windows Revealed

I know every time I have sat in a window seat, at some point during the flight that tiny hole comes into my view. I always wondered what it was there for, but never took the time to read about it. Click here to find out what it does!

Original article by Robbie Gonzalez

In The News: New B/E Aerospace Seats, Bird Damaging An Airplane, And Electronics During Flight

Airplane seat A New Seat Made By B/E Aerospace

Southwest is going to introduce a brand new seat designed by B/E Aerospace. These will be the widest economy seats on a 737. Click here to read more.

 Original article by The Cranky Flier


See What A Bird Can Do To An Airplane

A bird flew into the nose of a Turkish Airlines flight, and completely caved in the front. Luckily planes are built to take hits like this and be just fine. No one was injured and the plane landed safely. Click here to see the full article.

 Original article by Stan Schroeder


You Can Leave Your Electronics On During Flights!

A recent ruling states that passengers can keep their electronics on during takeoff and landing. Even though the FAA approved electronics, not all airlines are allowing this just yet. Click here to read more.

 Original article by Fiona Mcdonald