In The News: Additive Plane Parts Study, New Carbon Aircraft Brakes, And Retailers In The Air

Airliner landing in stormy weather

Additive Manufacturing of Parts Makes Planes Lighter and Cheaper

A case study by Northwestern University has confirmed 3-D printing can save the airline industry and the environment by saving on fuel and materials while cutting down on manufacturing wastes. Click here to find out more.

-Original article by Brian Wang

Carbon Brakes Replacing Steel Brakes on Aircraft

It takes some major friction to stop a 75 ton aircraft. Steel brakes are the universal choice in aircraft stopping power. But that is changing with new and more efficient Carbon Brakes. Find out more here.

-Original article by The Washington Post

Retailers In The Air

Ever wish you could order your in-flight lunch in the air? Or order a specific movie you wanted to watch in the back headrest on your mobile device? The idea isn’t too far fetched. Click here to learn more.

-Original article by Clint Boulton