In The News: New B/E Aerospace Seats, Bird Damaging An Airplane, And Electronics During Flight

Airplane seat A New Seat Made By B/E Aerospace

Southwest is going to introduce a brand new seat designed by B/E Aerospace. These will be the widest economy seats on a 737. Click here to read more.

 Original article by The Cranky Flier


See What A Bird Can Do To An Airplane

A bird flew into the nose of a Turkish Airlines flight, and completely caved in the front. Luckily planes are built to take hits like this and be just fine. No one was injured and the plane landed safely. Click here to see the full article.

 Original article by Stan Schroeder


You Can Leave Your Electronics On During Flights!

A recent ruling states that passengers can keep their electronics on during takeoff and landing. Even though the FAA approved electronics, not all airlines are allowing this just yet. Click here to read more.

 Original article by Fiona Mcdonald