Attention Repair Managers For Operators, Aircraft MROs, Or Lessors Looking To Reduce Aircraft Part Repair TATs…

“Guaranteed To Reduce TATs, Lower Total Repair Costs And Eliminate The Stress Of Having To Beg For Updates…Or We’ll Pay Your Operation $50 a Day For Any Delay.”

If you’re tired of chasing repair stations for repair status updates…you’re in luck, and we’ll prove it to you.  

Dear Frustrated Repair Manager, 

If you want to reduce your turn-around-times and reduce the frustration you experience processing and chasing Repair Orders; then this will be one of the most important messages you’ll read this year. 

You’re frustrated with having to deal with unreliable and unpredictable repairs. You have over one hundred ATA chapters to manage and thousands of repair stations to choose from, located all over the world.

From sourcing the capability to shipping it, and then babysitting the MRO throughout the process. It’s complicated and stressful. 

To make matters worse, the repair stations you work with aren’t accountable for the results they need to produce for you! They charge insane prices for piece parts, they don’t update their capability list, you have to chase them for updates, and they offer nothing more. Nothing to make things easier for you. 

Now add this to the complexity of you managing international logistics, different time zones and customs procedures, and you my friend, have one heck of a mess. 

But that all ends today! 

We've officially launched a repair solution, Asset Repair Care, that’ll have you dreaming about its TAT performance and the way it dramatically simplifies your repair processes — in your sleep. It doesn’t matter how many parts you have, what ATA chapters you need to be covered, or where they’re shipping from, you’ll ship to one location, on one RO, with one AWB #, and you’ll have one Dedicated Account Manager who is accountable for updating you as often as possible, 24/7

We’ve completely removed all the repair complexity you'll experience at no added cost to you. ZERO!

Here are just some of the PERKS you’ll discover as soon as we begin repairing your assets: 

Our Average Days To Work Order Quote

Skylink's Asset Repair Care program is designed to help streamline your repair processes.

So, we're announcing, publicly, the average time it takes for you to get your Repair Order Work Order quote, no matter the ATA chapter.

This is a collective average whether it's an APU, CSD, avionic or anything else.

What can you expect?

At Skylink, we help you overcome these obstacles with an Asset Repair solution that reduces your TATs and decreases your costs. 

You’ll feel less stressed, more in control, and more excited to work with someone who cares about you and your operation. 

Your days will go smoother and you’ll go from being a hard worker, to an action-oriented team member who is driving operational results. 

Here’s some of the PERKS you’ll discover as soon as we begin repairing your assets: 

Rotables under our Asset Repair Care protection
  1. REGULAR UPDATES WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK FOR THEM: We know how frustrating getting status on your actual repair is. Why can’t you just get feedback without having to ask for it? Now you can. With your 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager, they update you often, regularly and daily if the volume makes sense for a daily update. But you also get a dedicated repair portal, where you’ll see the status on all of your repairs, in real time.

  2. SUPPORTED TATS: Don’t worry about unreliable turn-around-times and not having the right spares to support repair troubles. We not only quote you average TATs, but we offer contingency exchanges if your asset needs more work than previously planned.

  3. FAIR COSTS: Nothing is more frustrating than high, price gouging repairs. You often feel the labor rates are high and the piece part prices are unrealistic. Usually, you’re right. We have pre-negotiated agreements with international, highly vetted, routinely audited MRO partners. We can offer you better rates due to our repair volume. But we also provide our own piece parts in our repairs, when it makes sense, to help drive down cost. This cost reduction is passed on to you as often as possible.

  4. SIMPLE CAPABILITY SOURCING: We have a single source for all your repair capabilities spanning every aircraft and ATA chapter. No more searching the world to find a reliable partner for one part. The benefit here is you won’t have to worry about lapsed repair capabilities that are still being listed on the MROs capability lists or having to request repair pricing from hundreds of companies.

  5. SEAMLESS LOGISTICS: Shipping ROs to MROs all over the world makes for a logistical nightmare. You have to worry about processes, logistics, customs, and approvals. It gets daunting. Now just imagine cutting one RO and shipping to one location for all your repairs. That’s why we provide a centralized, consolidated repair solution. All you have to do is ship to one address, and the rest is taken care of by us. We’ll even handle the logistics for you if you'd like.

  6. HUMAN TO HUMAN: We’ll be sure to build a human relationship so you’ll never feel neglected or underappreciated. This is why we've created a fantastic client account team. You'll feel supported 24/7.

  7. FREE INVENTORY: Yes. You read that right. If you agree to send us hundreds of parts to be managed, you’ll benefit from free inventory for life. No more stocking in your warehouse, worrying about last minute logistics or paying high insurance premiums. It’s all taken care of by us. You just sit back and approve the work orders. That’s it. We've got the rest.

"Still not convinced? Are you asking yourself these questions?"

Won’t it cost more to ship to your facility in Orlando, Florida?

And what a great question.

It first depends on where you’re located but let’s say; you’re far from us. Sure, if you ship us one part, it could cost you more logistically. We help you lower these costs by consolidating as many repairs as possible, which dramatically reduces your per unit shipping cost.

If you have nothing to consolidate and a repair station close to you, they may be the better option for you. Unless they don’t update you regularly, help drive down costs through proper piece parting and are truly accountable for the results they produce for you.

If they are, then use them. If not, then spending a little more money logistically to get the best support possible will lower your total costs over a more extended period. 

Do you have a capabilities list?

DASH 8.png

No. Capabilities lists are outdated and are often not maintained well. We can manage 99% of the aircraft parts you send us.

You’ll send all the part numbers you need to be repaired to your 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager who will send you average repair costs and turn-around-times.

The only way we can’t facilitate a repair for one of your aircraft parts is if it’s ancient material and the OEM has pulled their Component Maintenance Manuals. 

We don’t trust repair brokers! We agree.

The reason is they often act in their own self interest. They over promise and under deliver. We get it.

But we hold ourselves accountable and will even pay your operation if we mess up. Our team is working with some of the most significant operators, aircraft MROs, and militaries in the world on very complex repair agreements.

We’re no stranger to this, and we’re not just looking to broker a single repair. We have the logistics, contracted repair support, quality control procedures and the financial stability to support you. 

Why don’t I just do this myself?

You can! If you have the time to source, process, chase and trace your repair, then the more power to you.

If you would rather delegate these tasks to someone who does it all day long anyway, at no extra cost to you due to our economies of scale and who will drive performance, all while you do very little of the work, then we're your best choice.

Do more with less is what we like to say. 

Competitor x offers something similar. Why you?

Another great question. We’re committed to doing a few things very well.

You’ll deal with one Dedicated Account Manager, 24/7, who is supported by the best team you'll encounter. You'll experience this throughout your relationship with us. It’s essential to us that we create a WOW experience for you. In doing so, you’ll be updated by a human who is then obligated to resolve issues, not just report them.

We also put benchmarks on lowering your total repair costs. From the time you source to the time you get your repairs back from us, which is why you can store your material at our facility, FREE.

And finally, whether it’s 1 part or 1,000, we cover it all. Nothing is too big or small; we cover it all. 

When you take action today, you’ll be able to end the frustration of unreliable TATs and having to beg for repair updates, all thanks to this powerful aircraft part repair system. It will ensure you get the results you deserve, all while doing less work.

Just imagine that!

You’ll finally put an end to sourcing capabilities, chasing repair orders and dealing with people who aren’t motivated to give you updates when and as you need them. 

Page Banner.png

The delicate dance of working with repairable rotables isn’t difficult when it’s one or two parts, but the complexity exponentially increases with the more repairs that are needed.

A customer of ours had 50 parts that needed to be repaired, but not enough time in the day to organize and implement the repair project. They had $250,000 worth of unrepairable units just sitting in inventory, waiting to be used. They could have shipped the aircraft components to various MROs themselves, but not only would that not be cost effective, it would disrupt their operational efficiency.

With an established trusting relationship, they came to us for help.

With our streamlined repair process we organized the logistics of 50 parts to our facility, distributed them to our quality approved MRO partners, tapped into our own inventory to support the piece parts to drive down cost, consolidated the final repairs, and shipped them back to our customer.

All they had to do is call their dedicated account manager for progress updates.

You don’t have the time to babysit various MROs and logistics companies. Your core activities are making sure that your fleet is in the air making money. Tying up loose ends with repairs, deciding who to send to, and figuring out how to organize your time is chaotic. Efficiency is your best friend.

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"With exactly $0 You Can End Unreliable TATs, Increase Your Repair Results, All While Doing Less Work, GUARANTEED. Here's exactly what you'll get if you start this journey today..."

Skylink Asset Repair Care Offer
  • You’ll receive 20% off two repairs, no questions asked.
    [Value, at least $2,500, depending on units]

  • This is a TAT guaranteed offer. If we’re late, we’ll pay your operation $50 a day until it ships. Guaranteed.
    [Value, priceless]

  • Learn how to choose the right repair station and avoid the common over-promise, under-delivery plague. We’ll send you a printed version of our “How To Choose A Repair Station” guide.
    [Value $150]

  • Feel refreshed. We want you to wake up with a smile so we’ll ship you 1 pound of our JetFuel Coffee.
    [Value $50]

  • Be a part of something that matters. We’ll send you our exclusive, dedicated client newsletter. You’ll be able to peek into Skylink. But more importantly, we’ll send you exclusive content to help you better your repair processes. We may even throw in a few dedicated client offers from now and again. You’ll have to subscribe to find out.
    [Value $150]

A Message From Our CEO...


It’s important you act today. Why?

Because we’re so committed to our Asset Repair Care results that we’re only accepting ten more clients. Once these ten new clients are on-board, they’ll be the only ones to experience the fantastic benefits of this program. We don’t know when we’ll begin accepting new clients. This shows you how committed we are to results. 

If you don’t take action today, you’ll continue to see unreliable TATs, unpredictable piece part costs, and you’ll continue to get the poor service you receive from most MROs.

Take action today. It costs you NOTHING. 

Nate Anglin
CEO & President

P.S. Take action today and save yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every single year. Don’t be okay with dealing with people who don’t care about you. Join us in our repair movement. Right here. Right now.

Don't wait any longer!