Attention: Aircraft maintenance teams, purchasers, logistic coordinators, this is for you...

"reduce the painstaking worldly search for your aircraft maintenance material. instead have one po. one awb. on time. on budget. less stress." 

do you go into a maintenance check stressed OUt of your mind?

With so many tasks, so little time, and lost revenue at stake, it’s up to you to complete the project on time and on budget. The problem is your used to being reactive. Everything is done sporadically at the last minute.

You feel like you have to coordinate a miracle to ensure your aircraft MRO gets components on time and on budget.

With a 50+ component list you’ll have to soucre, coordinate all the POs, follow up and manage the logistics.

That alone is incredibly labor-some and tedious when dealing with such a large project. And for every issue that pops up, you’re in charge of solving it.

When you accomplish your maintenance check the reactive way, you increase overall costs, accommodate wasteful time allocation, pursue unorganized processing, and worst of all guarantee poor reliability.

We ship custom maintenance check kits all over the world.
Nothing is too big or too small. We cover it all.
Get your custom quote today.

There's a much simpler way...

It doesn’t have to be so stressful. With a proper plan you can have a successful project, without all the hassles that come with babysitting suppliers.

A client came to us concerned that their aircraft wouldn’t be done in time.

In the past they had terrible experiences coordinating the logistics of rotables and consumables to their aircraft MRO.

From contacting sources, ensuring they meet quality standards, cutting POs, following up with POs, managing repairs, shipping, it got out of control fast. They became accustomed to doing it this way. The more POs they processed the more it got out of control. Problems plagued the project from failed deliveries to bogus vendors, reliability continued to sink.

This time, they wanted something different. With our maintenance check program we supplied 75 components. We also repaired 25 that were pulled of the aircraft at the MRO. We managed the logistics and streamlined the entire process. All they had to do was manage the aircraft maintenance MRO. The entire package of rotables, consumables, and expendables, were at the MRO on time and on budget.

The Benefits to you

With this maintenance check program, it’s all based on completing your project on time without the normal hassles of procurement.
We hide nothing and this is exactly what you’ll get:


reduced admin costs

Drastically reduce your administration costs by not having to cut multiple POs, follow-up, and source problem resolutions.



Combine expendables, consumables and tools to further streamline your maintenance project.


spend less money

Spend less money on all aspects of component requisitions.


24/7 services

Our 24/7 AOG service is different. Your dedicated account manager is your point of contact at all hours. Work with who you know and know we've got your back.

fast quotes

Your entire project will be quoted with lead time estimates prior to commitment.


simple logistics

Utilize our network of logistics providers to streamline your shipments and reduce overall freight burden.


less time babysitting

Spend less time “babysitting” suppliers and MROs and more time on managing your aircraft maintenance project.


quality guarantee

Every component you receive will be backed by our quality program.

package inclusion

Absolutely 0 limitations on package inclusions and what we'll supply you.


repair coverage

Pulling assets off your plane? We'll repair them and add them to your maintenance check shipment. All ATA chapters covered.


dedicated account team

You'll receive a dedicated account
management team. Just for you.