In The News: Air Force Rebuilds C130 Wings, The Rebirth Of The Middle Seat, And The Reason Behind The Window Hole

aviation news Air Force Rebuilds The Wings Of A C130

Watch this video of the United States Air Force completely rebuilding the wings on a C130 Hercules. Click here for the original video.

Original video by The United States Air force


The Rebirth Of Sitting In The Middle seat

Thompson Aero Seating has re-invented the middle seat. No longer will passengers have to fight over who gets the window or isle seat. This is truly an amazing design. Check it out here!

Original article by Erika Owen


The Reason Behind The Small Hole In Airplane Windows Revealed

I know every time I have sat in a window seat, at some point during the flight that tiny hole comes into my view. I always wondered what it was there for, but never took the time to read about it. Click here to find out what it does!

Original article by Robbie Gonzalez