In The News: Flying More Economical Than Driving, BER Parts To Art, And A Personal 747 Manson


 Flying Is More Economical Than Driving

It is official that flying is more efficient than driving a car. Moving one person 1 mile consumes 2,465 BTU's in a plane, VS. 4,211 BTU's in a car. Click here to read more.

Original article by Shane Ferro


Turn Your BER Parts Into Art

You probably have a warehouse full of BER aircraft parts that are useless.  Well why not dress up your office with some of those old parts. Click here to get some ideas. I like number 9 the best!

Original article by Julian on Business Pundit


Boeing 747 Refit To Be Personal Plane

We all wonder what it would be like to be wealthy and buy anything we wanted. Well check out what this mystery man did to a 747 he turned into a flying 400 million dollar home! Check it out here.

Original article by Hugo Gye