MRO NETWORK: Purchasing Trends No One Is Talking About

MRO NETWORK:  Purchasing Trends No One Is Talking About

You hear about major trends every day—the trends that will have a lasting impact on your maintenance and material life.

But among the deep analytical thinking of the brightest minds, there lie what I call sleeping trends, ones that are less “glamorous” yet impact billions of dollars a year.

There are many of these sleeping trends, but here we’ll look at three within procurement. In our world, the procurement stakes are high...

4 Shipping Tips To Cut Cost On Your Next Asset Repair

4 Shipping Tips To Cut Cost On Your Next Asset Repair

Let's face it, shipping aircraft parts to and from your facility is vital for your aircraft maintenance planning initiatives. But without a clear plan, money could be leaking out in unexpected places.

Who likes wasteful spending? Not me and I can bet you don't either.

Think about how much you spend and ask yourself how excited you would be if you could reduce this cost by 25%. Is that possible?

7 Ways Repair Management Can Simplify Your Life

7 Ways Repair Management Can Simplify Your Life

Dealing with the repair of your aircraft spare components can be in large, a waste of your time.

If you suffer from exhaustion because the communication between you and the 20+ repair shops you deal with is poor, you're not alone.

Manpower and time are scarce, so why go chasing the world for a simple update? You need communication, delegation, and deliberation. It's difficult to achieve this alone.

I have good news for you.

Repair management is one of the best

6 Quick Tips To Help You Choose The Right Repair Station

6 Quick Tips To Help You Choose The Right Repair Station

You have an aircraft part. You need it repaired. Despite your urgency, you dread having to send it to the MRO. 

They’re notorious for having high-cost work orders, their lead times are never right, and getting a reply from them is faster with a horse and carriage. 

You have hundreds of MRO options.

With a little bit of knowledge and a loan, your FAA repair station is off to the races. There are very little barriers to entry. 

When choosing a part 145 repair station it’s not just about the quality of their repairs, even though that’s important, it’s also about their business practices.

3 Painful Reasons To Re-Evaluate Your Aircraft Component Repair Strategy

3 Painful Reasons To Re-Evaluate Your Aircraft Component Repair Strategy

We've all been there when the dreaded phone begins to ring. You anxiously wait as you look at the caller id.

A brief thought comes to mind, should I pick it up? Or should I let it go to voice-mail?

You ponder the thought of ignoring it.

Instead, you cautiously pick up the phone.


It’s your boss, the VP of Maintenance and Engineering, and he’s unhappy about the current spending.

He’s beginning to feel the pressure from your CFO.

Repair costs have doubled and they're now taking more time to process, meaning more people must get involved.

A Priceless Way To Increase Your Chance Of An On Time C-Check

A Priceless Way To Increase Your Chance Of An On Time C-Check

In a few day's your bird will hit the hangar and begin its c-check.

You feel your heartbeat beginning to race. Thump-thump. Thump-thump-thump. Thump-thump. 

Your blood pressure is rising. You have no idea of what issues are going to arise or how you'll resolve them.

For now, you just have to wait. 

How To Overcome Your Asset Repair Issues & Kickstart A Better Repair Strategy

How To Overcome Your Asset Repair Issues & Kickstart A Better Repair Strategy

Do you feel overwhelmed having to manage your aircraft component repair process? 

You deal with hundreds of assets, dozens of MROs and the logistics that has to happen to and from your MRO partners. 

And that’s just the beginning. You then have to approve, deny, or cry over the work order quotes you receive. Hoping. Pleading, that nothing was overlooked. 

It’s a complicated process. You have to notice all the small details, ask questions, and trust the partners you’re working with. 

And maybe this situation sounds all too familiar to you...

Big MRO Data & a Fan Blisk That's More Reliable

innovative fan blisk spells reliability & maintainability As you all enjoy this holiday season while in the midst of your families, unwind with this week's aviation round-up. New innovative fan blisk for GE Passport engine, Air Force destroys $115 million airplane, converting big MRO data into action, and how to manage your time.

Never Forget Your: Quote

"If the maintenance is robust and properly followed, aircraft have a virtually infinite life." — John Cox

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Never Forget Your: News

Innovative Fan Blisk Spells Reliability and Maintainability — “Among the latest innovations on the GE Passport engine is a unique, 52-inch integrated fan blade and disk, called a blisk, which replaces the traditional fan design that incorporates a hub and individual blades.”

Air Force loses $115 million gunship to a 'sideslip' — “How can you destroy a $115 million airplane without crashing it? Fly it upside down. That's exactly what happened to one of the Air Force's newest gunships, the AC-130J Ghostrider, this year during a test flight.”

Getting Ready For Big MRO Data — “As airframes, engines and avionics generate more data, MROs and OEMs evaluate ways to use it for prognostics, converting big data into action.”

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Never Forget Your: Relief

20% Off Popular Aircraft Maintenance Tape — Who doesn’t like some good ‘ole aircraft maintenance tape? We go through a ton of a few popular models so we want to extend some bulk savings to you. For the items mentioned in this post, you’ll receive up to 20% off list price on ALL case orders.

Time Management Tips — Here are 6 time management tips that can improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more you will get done each day.

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CAPA India Aviation Summit

  • February 3-4, 2016
  • Mumbai, India

Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition

  • April 12-14, 2016
  • Shanghai, China

European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

  • May 24-26, 2016
  • Geneva, Switzerland

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You're Crazy Focusing All Your Attention On Repair TAT

You put a ton of effort in shortening your repair turn around times. You, just like me, are crazy. aircraft component repair TAT

Everything you do pushes the MRO for an early completion. You yell, scream, beg and maybe even threaten.

When you have this approach is your effort in the right place? Is your time and money being allocated to the right cause?

Yes and no, but before you start throwing CMM books at my head trust me, I get it. Repair TAT is important.

It's crucial yet I urge you to not focus all your attention here.

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A wasting your time story

We recently received thrust reversers. We began inspecting them and soon realized that these beauties had more modifications done to them than a Los Angeles actor.

They were fitted onto a modified aircraft. They're literally the only thrust reverse's of their kind on the planet.

When we were preparing for this project, they took 12 days to get to us off of an aircraft undergoing a routine c-check. We skylink thrust reversersscheduled our truck to pick the units up but we got a call that the thrust reversers we’re improperly crated and they had to bump the pick-up. It took 2 additional days to get them into transit.

Once they got to our facility they were inspected and the nozzle was beyond physical repair. We could save these units but the price of repair would become double the standard repair rate. Remember, these are the only two of their kind.

A lot of work will have to be done to bring these two units back to airworthy condition. After the initial quote it took 14 days for approval…and yes while the c-check was still in progress. No loaners, no exchanges, no replacements, we had to repair these units.

We still had 21-30 days after approval to get these units done and when they were approved, it was advised that we get these done fast. Yet, it took 28 days to get the thrust reversers to approve the quote.

And that leads me to my next observations…

Focus your efforts on internal processes along with reducing aircraft component repair TAT

From this story you can see where some of the problem occurs. Now, the fault isn't pointed at anybody. Some decisions are hard to make and yes, sometimes it takes multiple approvals to get things done. I get that.

In this situation there's nothing the MRO could do to rush as a large chunk of time was spent in processing and outbound logistics activities.

By focusing some of your time and effort on internal processes you can cut your aircraft component repair time dramatically. In the story I shared, half the time could have been saved.

Start to focus more attention on areas that create the longest drag, meaning where does the component do most of it’s sitting and waiting.

Here are some areas to start on:

  • Component removal
  • Transport to stores
  • Quality control
  • Outbound processing
  • Logistics
  • Inbound processing
  • Installation

There's plenty of areas to focus on but start with one. It'll be less stressful and less bureaucratic to make small changes over time.

Reducing your internal process will help reduce your component TAT and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your overall rotable cycle times.

Are you experiencing long repair TATs? Fill out the form below as we're very confident we can help.

The Lessons Learned From A Failed Aircraft Maintenance Check Plan

Have you ever tried juggling multiple things at once?

You secretly whisper yes while you think of the dreadful memories.

The good news is you're not alone.

Skylink aircraft maintenance
Skylink aircraft maintenance

I worked with an aircraft maintenance customer who seemed to be living large under the umbrella of a large commercial airline.

With various Phds on staff to fine tune their forecasting methods, things seemed under control, until...

Budgets began tightening.

Several layoffs occurred and he was in charge of managing stores, organizing maintenance checks, and structuring a repair strategy.

Their simply wasn’t enough time to do it all. With a couple Boeing 737-800 and A330 undergoing c-check, the stress was wearing on him. How was he going to figure out how to do it all?

His team didn't have time to do it all. From cutting POs, following-up on ROs, processing various orders, managing the aircraft maintenance company, and organizing ferry flights, there wasn't enough time in the day.

As his aircraft went through maintenance, he experienced delays with component supply. As more delays occurred, his team began falling further behind. Time became a bigger issue so they spent more money on expediting and increasing their initial maintenance expense.

Delays didn't diminish, and their c-checks were delayed costing thousands of dollars.

Distribution chaos

Aircraft distribution chaos is having various projects with high ineffectiveness tying them together.

Aircraft c-check planning is the most crucial starting point. It's where you review and organize proper procurement and logistics plans. The aircraft maintenance facility can do the repair work, but you'll still have to babysit them with many activities, especially if you're going to supply your own rotables and consumables to drive down costs.

Airlines sending out mass RFQs is standard in the industry. This isn't efficient or cost effective once you get to the ordering stage. Begin thinking of partners who can do most of the consolidations for you, and who has the capabilities for your c-check list. This will streamline your procurement process as you'll do less purchasing, following-up, and organizing logistics. You'll reduce administrative costs significantly as well.

After you have a procurement and logistics plan in place, don't wait until the last minute to make key decisions. If you know you'll need 20 rotables, then begin organizing the procurement. Problems always pop up so getting started quickly is key.

The next step is to have several contingencies in place. Your aircraft component partner must follow this concept as well. Each rotable and consumable should have contingencies if an issue occurs. Items with no contingencies or long back up lead times must be noted.

You work like a mad man but it's impossible to do it all yourself. Even if you had a great supporting team, efficiency is brought on by utilizing and outsourcing activities to experts in that desired field. Aircraft painting, catering services, and component supply are 3 high value outsourcing areas.

The last step is to put trust in your partners. If you've developed a relationship, you trust them and they get things done, utilize them. It costs you more time and money doing it all on your own.

Have a "list”partner

When it comes to organizing your aircraft c-check, you know you'll have hundreds of rotables and consumables that will be required.

Sending RFQs to hundreds of suppliers, cutting POs and having everything shipped from various sources is highly inefficient. Go ahead and count the cost of what you spend in administrative and shipping costs when it's done this way.

The best solution is tapping into your partners who can quote "lists."

By lists I mean you send them a 100 parts you need and they quote you 95% of the list. They have 70 parts in stock, relationships with 10 more parts you need through OEMs, and the remaining they'll consolidate on their own.

All you have to do is cut one PO and have one shipment.

They won't settle with quoting what's easy.

You may be hesitant at first, but if they're good they'll be able to back this up with consistent reliability.

Partners working lists is great, but it's not great if they're robots blindly quoting.

You want to work with partners who are knowledgeable, diligent, and approachable (even on the weekends).

Aircraft c-checks are a stressful time.

Outsource your rotable and consumable requirements to partners who can take care of the entire component distribution. They'll ensure you have a streamlined process and save you thousands of dollars on administrative and logistic expenses.

P.S. We support thousands of parts every year through our airline partners c-checks. We quote the entire c-check lot, consolidate the part,s and use our logistics service to ship the components to your aircraft MRO. Click here and ask us how we can support your upcoming c-check.