Fire Your Aircraft Parts Supplier [Infographic]



We've all experienced this madness and some aircraft parts suppliers just don't get it. Their brains have landed on the moon to never return. 

You and I can sit down and try to figure this out but we never will. Some people, some things and most organizations are still stuck with an old way of thinking. This can be okay in some situations, but not in an environment were the world changes everyday. Your individual needs are not universally the  same and aircraft parts suppliers must recognize this and be able to effectively communicate with you.

You are human, we are human, but sometimes I feel like I'm talking to someone from a different planet. Maybe the moon? This infographic shows the communication gaps between company and client and the reasons you should fire your aircraft parts supplier.

Poor Customer Service From Aircraft Parts Supplier Infographic


What are the customer service issues you experience with your aircraft parts supplier? Comment below.