Your Aircraft Parts Supplier is a Robot

The New Year has arrived and everyone proclaims it's supposed to be a new you. You constantly hear about New Years resolutions, or the life altering changes you should be making. Personally, I think it's a joke.

Why do we wait for the beginning of the year to be better, faster, or stronger? Or more simply, why do we wait for a new year to make an effort to treat people like humans? Your aircraft parts supplier is renown for this.

Aircraft Part Suppliers are Robots

Robots: The Aircraft Parts Supplier Dilemma

Why robots you ask? Because no human acts like the typical aircraft parts supplier.

Just recently we needed to send a flap actuator to an aircraft parts maintenance facility. Our repair manager called the shop to make sure their lead time was within our limits and that their capabilities were still current. The repair facility gave him all the information he needed so we shipped the part. The next day, the shop received the part and they notified him that they no longer have the equipment to test this type of part.

After making them aware of their mistake, their response was "Sorry for the inconvenience."


Of course this is an inconvenience. With a lack of incompetency on their part, we didn't even receive a human, natural apology, just a "sorry for the inconvenience."  I proceeded to write an email to their general manager, no response back.

Just as myself, I'm sure you deal with this all day long. But why must we subject ourselves to this torture?

Your Money & the 2013 Forecast

The following attributes will continue to plague 90% of the aircraft spares industry:

1) Incompetency: You will continue to see aircraft parts suppliers coming into the industry trying to "make it." They will do whatever is necessary, including falsifying records, charging low fees and then raising them (bait and switch), and saying they have capabilities for something but really don't. These companies take on whatever they can with no direct knowledge of what they're doing.

Tip: You need to be very wary of companies such as this. They can cost you more time and money and they're an absolute nightmare to deal with. A good rule of thumb is look for an aircraft parts supplier that's been in the industry for 20+ years. These companies have the right operational structure to make it through major economical events with vast experience backing them.

2) Care free attitudes: Frankly, 90% of aircraft parts suppliers don't care about you! Did I just say that? Sorry, but it's the truth. They only care about your money. It's sad, I know, but it's the inevitable truth of B2B transactions. If something goes wrong with your order, or you're not happy, its fine to them as long as they know you've committed to putting extra money in their bank.

Tip: This is unfortunate, but the way you can eliminate this is by dealing with aircraft parts suppliers who actually care. If they care about you, about your company and about your operations, your life will be much easier. If they act like they don't care…RUN.

3) Inhuman Behavior: Most of the people you deal with talk to you in a way they would never talk at home. They are robotic and an absolute bore to deal with. This behavior is more than likely a reflection on the entire organization. They say things like "sorry for the inconvenience" with no action plan to make things right. They have no emotion or sense of humor and they get though the day by doing the bare minimum, never trying to completely satisfy you.

Tip: Fire these vendors. You want a human behind the phone and / or computer. Real human interaction makes the job funner while ensuring your needs are meet. We are a social species and if someone is acting like a turkey, go elsewhere [Tweet This].

2013 is going to be a good year for the aviation industry, however keep in mind that 90% of all aircraft parts suppliers have no clue what they're doing and they have no desire to care about you as a human.

Have you ever had experiences with aircraft parts suppliers who acts like a robot? Tell us your story.