The Truth About Aircraft Engine Transport

If you lived in a world where turbine engines grew on trees, aircraft engine transport would be irrelevant. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Aircraft Engine

Moving engines is a task all airlines will experience at some point. You may even experience it several times a year depending on your fleet size.

You put trust into the companies you designate to organize the logistics of its transport. And trust is important.

These are machines that can cost as little as $250,000 and skyrocket to multi-million dollar assets. There’s no room for error and we see constant mistakes from our experiences with freight forwarders who have moved our engines.

When you’re shipping your engine keep this in mind.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Rarely do things go according to plan 100% of the time. There may be schedule changes, import issues, improper documents, mother nature, or many other things

When it comes to aircraft engine transport, the number one delay is cargo carriers bumping the freight. When and if you decide to ship your engine air freight allocate time for delays.

Delays are common and unavoidable and will undoubtedly occur. Whether it's a flat tire during land transport, loading issues, lazy freight forwarders or the 1,000 other things, delays are certain. Adding an additional 7 days to your transport time is ideal.

Unless you’re AOG in which the higher fees will ensure expedited shipment.

Another common problem with engine transport is unclassified HAZMAT. You will be shocked at how many shippers and freight forwarders don’t think engines are HAZMAT. It is ideal to tell your shipper that your engine is hazardous material from the beginning. This will avoid last minute DG documentation and the proper process for dangerous goods export.

Aircraft Engine Transport Reliability

Moving your valuable assets is important and we live in a world where international transport is required.

Just as you would when you choose an aircraft spare parts vendor, you must choose a partner or freight forwarder who can manage your shipment properly.

Without choosing the right partner your engine will experience significant delays, transport issues and even damage.

When there is communication through the entire logistics process, you’ll be less stressed, your asset will be in good condition and your life will be much easier.

Do you have issues with engine transport? Are you looking for a transport partner? Click here and we can help.