Understanding Spare Parts Provisioning With Mr. Dawit Zeleke

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Okay, now were on with the Q&A. This week we bring you yet another interview that is short but sweet. It comes to you from the country of Ethiopia. The unique operating practices of an airlines wholly owned by the government is unique, but still has the same problems when it comes to provisioning.

Let's take a look with what Mr. Dawit Zeleke has to say.


What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to aircraft spare parts provisioning?


The biggest frustrations are receiving parts without the appropriate documentation.

Is it difficult to adapt to these situations?



What are the reoccurring problems you face in the general terms of maintenance?


We will procure a part with the designated part number requested our maintenance head; however the part will be wrong despite having the same part number. Various parts with the same part number can cause procurement issues.

How could your vendor's best service you during these problems?


They can send a replacement part which will solve the problem prior to the aircraft reaching AOG status.

Now let's talk about vendors. Aside from price and quality of parts, what are the biggest issues you encounter with your vendors? Maybe it's a lack of caring, or their hard to get a hold of. Think more in terms of personality, than service.


Some vendors have low prices, but the part is not acceptable at our end after we've received it.

What would you like your vendors to focus on more to make you feel most satisfied?


Parts must be accompanied with an FAA 8130-3 and / or an EASA Form 1. Also the best price is a big factor.

In terms of MROs, what are your biggest complaints when dealing with repair shops?


We are constantly frustrated with our current repair shops and will source out the best one on the next maintenance project.

How would you like them to act towards you?


More than price we want high quality of the parts and to ensure functionality without fail. But as a buyer, price also plays a factor.

If you could choose one thing, what would you like to see most in your aircraft spare parts vendor?



Short but effective! We can all see the reoccurrence that yes price plays a heavy part in provisioning, but quality and the attitude of the vendor also plays a heavy part.

What do you think? Aside from price, what obstacles do you run in to? We want to hear from you.

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Mr. Dawit Zeleke has been with Ethiopian Airlines for the last 18 years in multiple departments of the company. He is currently the purchaser for avionics and instruments. He is also a father of two daughters and has a lovely wife. [/dropshadowbox]