And The Best Solution For A Stress Free You Is...

I'm sure you're running around right now, stressed out, frustrated because nothing seems streamlined. You feel like a chaotic mess and each day seems the same. This is far too common and just recently I experienced this as well. Just In Time Inventory For Aircraft Maintenance Planning

We procured 2 indicators for a project we were finishing. The lead time was "supposed" to be 3 days, but 3 days turned in to 7. Our supplier then shipped one indicator saying the other unit was "BER."

They sent a replacement unit to the shop but 2 days turned into 4. During the repair of the second unit they began to screen our calls, ignore our emails and avoid responding back to our update requests.

Is this any way to do business?

I think not, which is why Skylink has created a streamlined distribution strategy to limit these encounters.

Why limiting stress should be important to you

The side effects of you running around stressed might not be so apparent, but it impacts you greatly.

If you're constantly stressed your sleep will suffer, your health will deteriorate and your rational thinking will begin to decline.

Now, I may not have to explain this in great detail but these side effects can be impacting your bottom line.

You become less productive which results in more time doing the same tasks, decreasing efficiency. Your rational thinking then declines so you may choose an unapproved vendor to procure from. This then leads to quality assurance issues and / or  canceled orders, losing time and money.

You see, creating ways to limit your stress level will help you become more productive. It will also allow you to work with reliable people since they tend to not put so much stress on you.

A few of our tricks that kick stress to the curb

There are 2 major ways to limits your stress. The first way is to focus on small daily wins. The second is to push your stress onto your supplier and Just In Time inventory for aircraft maintenance planning will do just that.

Small ways to limit stress:

    • Get up every 50 minutes.
    • Stand-up while discussing an issue over the phone.
    • Take deep breaths.
    • Get good sleep.

The best solution to limit stress is to use Just In Time inventory for aircraft maintenance planning.

This strategy reduces unreliable suppliers which can be a major factor in your stress level. You get to work with people who actually care about you and your operation.

They will take on the stress you had to worry about and you can focus on profit generating activities. Plus this is what your supplier is supposed to do. They deal with this day in and day out and should be able to leverage economies of scale.

You'll experience less stress because there will be:

    • No more logistical headaches.
    • No more following up and not getting anywhere.
    • An increase in time.
    • An increase in communication with supplier.
    • No more you being pulled in 100 directions.

I know from experience that stress is a daily occurrence for you. I experience it as well.

However, by adopting certain strategies and relying on trustworthy people, your stress can nearly be eliminated.

By using the small strategies discussed and Just In Time inventory for aircraft maintenance planning you'll be on the right track.

Focus on you and you'll see your bottom line begin to expand.

P.S. Ask about our chaotic distribution diagram by clicking here. You'll see the difference between your operation and a streamlined distribution strategy.

Have you experienced a stressful encounter today? Tell me about it below.