7 Ways Repair Management Can Simplify Your Life

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Dealing with the repair of your aircraft spare components can be in large, a waste of your time.

If you suffer from exhaustion because the communication between you and the 20+ repair shops you deal with is poor, you're not alone.

Manpower and time are scarce, so why go chasing the world for a simple update? You need communication, delegation, and deliberation. It's difficult to achieve this alone.

I have good news for you.

Repair management is one of the best ways to regain your time and sanity. Below are 7 ways an aircraft spare parts repair management program can simplify your life:

1) Increased Communication

Let me ask you a question. Would it be easier talking to one repair management partner or 20 MROs?

I agree, one is a lot easier to digest. By dealing with one you have the ability to build a relationship, which will, in turn, teach your vendor about your specific needs and how to communicate with you effectively. Frankly, dealing with one MRO can be a pain, let alone 20.

The Takeaway: By utilizing one aircraft repair management partner you're able to streamline the communication process.

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2) Reduces Unnecessary Paperwork

Once you've reduced the number of vendors, you've then directly reduced the amount of paperwork you need to process. You go from 20+ repair orders to 1.

You and your team can then utilize the extra time on more important issues, rather than time-consuming processing activities.

The Takeaway: A repair management program will simplify your processes by reducing the total amount of paperwork you'll need to deal with.

3) Aircraft Parts Consolidation

When you begin dealing with your aircraft repair management partner, you'll see a decrease in the time spent shipping and receiving components. This ties in with #2 because you only have to create one repair order, ship on one picking ticket and the same is true when receiving in.

It saves your team a lot of effort. It also reduces the risk of shipping multiple packages to and from your facility. If spare parts can be consolidated on large pallets you dramatically reduce risk. With more shipments, the greater the risk of damage in transit.

The Takeaway: Aircraft parts consolidation will save you time by reducing your shipping and receiving efforts as well as minimizing the risk of shipping multiple packages.


4) Reduces Shipping Cost

The more you can bulk ship, the greater value you'll get out of your shipping cost.

Would you prefer sending 20+ packages to and from your facility with a premium express service such as FedEx, or consolidate all repairs on one pallet and send through air freight? The more you consolidate your shipment, the greater you'll save on your total freight expenditure.

The Takeaway: By minimizing the number of express services you use and replacing them with consolidated, larger freight shipment, you'll save on your total repair costs.

5) Economies of Scale

When you send to 20 repair shops there isn't an economy of scale. Why?

Because you're dividing the work to just 20 MROs. A quality repair management program utilizes repair facilities that have a track record of quality and reliability.

When you combine your repairs with 20 other airlines using the same repair management program, we then achieve economies of scale. This encourages the MROs to be competitive on pricing, quality, and reliability.

The Takeaway: Economies of scale is achieved through a network of partners. A repair management program directs these networks to achieve economies of scale reducing your total repair cost.

6) Saves You Money

Your aircraft repair management partner should have stock to supplement any BER units and utilize their surplus inventory of piece parts for the repair of your units. In either case, you save money and avoid the inflated list prices the MRO will charge you.


The Takeaway: Your repair management partner will utilize their decades of experience and inventory to reduce the total cost of your piece parts. The difference could be the MRO charging you list price at $1,000 or the repair management partner utilizing their NS stock at a cost of $500. Big difference!

7) Trust

Trusting 20+ repair facilities can seem like a dream and you're right. When you deal with one repair management firm you build trust with each other.

 Communication and trust are very important and having that established may be greater than time and money alone. Trust is very important!

The Takeaway: Trust is priceless. If you can't trust who you're dealing with then no money in the world should make you pay for their services. Out of all the points above, this is the most important.