3 Incredibly Important Reliability Areas You Need To Know And Improve On

What is reliability? Since 1988 we’ve been playing the reliability game. The gamble of who to trust and what actions to take.


Today, much has changed. Everyone says and does the same boring thing, over promising and under delivering.

It’s common to run into reliability problems. It even gets to the point that some days you just want to run away.

Just ask our supply chain team.

Some days I have to peal them off the ceiling as they explode with frustration. I even have to peal myself off the ceiling some days.

Whether it’s logistics or even aircraft components, reliability is a game of chess. One wrong move and you lose time and money. With the right move you’re efficient. Time and money become your ally.

Many people talk about reliability, but unless you want to pay millions of dollars in consultancy fees, very little guides you in the right direction.

For now, let’s cover the basics…

Aircraft component reliability

The primary goal is to keep your components on wing for as long as possible. We’ll call this the dumbed down version of a much more complex issue.

At this point you’ll want to collect data and information about your aircraft components statistical analysis. This will give you valuable feedback on the data if irregularities developed in operation.

If you’re the type to geek out on this stuff, read this.

The key is to build a foundation for a component reliability program. Which ATA chapters do you have the most trouble with? Can you outsource solutions?

In order for you to answer these questions, having a firm understanding of your fleet and activity of components’ removals is very important.

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Supplier reliability

It’s amazing how many people overlook supplier reliability.

I understand price is important, but it’s not the first or last decision. Your primary objective should be to work with people who can deliver and create the most value to you. 

When you look into your supplier reliability program answer these questions to help build your foundation:

  • Who answers you back the quickest?
  • Which company has an account manager that responds to you any day of the week, at any time?
  • Who helps you resolve issues?
  • Who provides solutions in addition to just selling you something?
  • Where is the greatest value for every dollar you spend?
  • Who solves problems without creating more problems?
  • Who do you trust?
  • How do their parts look when they’re delivered? Are they in good condition and packaged properly?

Answering these simple questions will guide you to building your supplier reliability program. You’ll avoid the people that over promise and under deliver.

Logistics reliability

If turn-around-times (TAT) keep you up at night then logistics is its angry step brother.

We live in a small world where we can get anything, anywhere in a short period of time and yet complications are still extremely common.

You may have experience with high import taxes, customs delays, airlines losing your packages, shipments being bumped and re-scheduled to a later date, damage parts, and the list goes on and on.

I have found the best logistics reliability program works with someone who is easy to talk to and helps you resolve problems. It’s really that simple.

I have worked with so many freight forwarders and 95% of them give me a massive headache. I feel one coming on now. We found 3 solid partners, one for routine freight, one for small parcel and one for AOG shipments and they are the only people we’ll use.

Build your logistics reliability program around your specific needs and the ease of communication should be very important to you.

Building a reliability program around aircraft maintenance and components, suppliers and logistics will help make your hectic aviation life easier.

Start slow and start now.

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