27 Reasons Why We Love Aviation

The lives we live are vastly different than what most people are use to. We live and breathe aviation. We love the products, we love the people, and we love the challenges. Here is a very short list of why we love this industry:

  1. Aviation never sleeps. Which in a weird way is...awesome?
  2. We have our own language, like AOG. If someone doesn't know what it means they belong on another planet.
  3. We have our own Aviation Alphabet:

Aviation Alphabet

4. If you don't know Alpha, Bravo, Charlie please don't talk to us. 5. You critique every airline's operational efficiency. 6. We get to meet so many great people from various cultures and backgrounds. 7. We oddly love the smell of aircraft tires. 8. Jet fuel smells like roses. 9. Some of us have experienced bouts of Skydrol on the wrong parts of our body. Burn! Wash your hands people. 10. Most take flying for granted, we don't. 11. Serenity is achieved 30,000ft above. 12. Jon Ostrower

13. We can touch any continent in a days time. 14. We work with the smartest people and products outside of Silicone Valley. 15. The supply chain is complicated. 16. The challenge is fun. 17. Aviation brings people from varying backgrounds to work together. 18. Ben Kepes

19. Overcoming an AOG can save thousands of dollars for our partners. 20. Watching planes takeoff and land is therapeutic. 21. The sky is no longer the limit. 22. We wake up early to work on these: Craig

23. The toys are awesome. 24. The tools we use beat the cheap car junk. 25. You can hold a $150,000 component in your hand and it's not a diamond. 26. The scenery always changes.


27. Lives are at stake and quality is paramount.