Skylink's Trip To Chile

Just a few weeks ago a couple members of our Skylink family got to go meet some of our extended family down in Vina Del Mar, Chile. Vina Del Mar means the vineyard by the sea, and the name truly speaks for itself, the views of the ocean are absolutely amazing. Below is a picture of Nate Anglin and Evelyn Rios having a wonderful lunch right by the sea with Mario Vigorena who is our Skylink team member in Chile. dinner picture

In addition, while they were in Chile, they had the pleasure of attending a ceremony celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the creation of the Naval aviation branch. They discussed the history of their navy, and how it became what it is today. Below are a few pictures of the ceremony.

troops walking

walking 2

Also check out this stunning plane located on the base!


After such an amazing trip, and getting to meet some of our great friends, all good things must come to an end…