Why It’s SO Painful Dealing With Freight

It's no secret, dealing with freight is painful!

Real painful. Getting it picked-up is easy. But having a great, reliable experience through delivery is near impossible. 

Why aircraft component freight is so painful

Why aircraft component freight is so painful

97% of freight forwarders are difficult to work with. We've gone through many bad experiences ourselves to come up with this statistic. 

They lose your shipments, hide fees, and are terrible communicators. Their goal is to fill space and charge you as much as possible. It's very rare to get someone that actually knows a thing or two about aircraft operations. I've even had a forwarder ask me what an "AOG" was. I know, I know. Madness I tell you.

 In an ideal world, all you would have to do is give your destination and POOF, everything gets delivered. Like a scene right out of the Aladdin movie. Sadly, that’s often not the case. 

Criteria for a successful freight partner 

Over the last 30 years, we’ve identified 7 key criteria that makes a successful aircraft component logistics relationship: 

  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent shipments 
  • The material gets delivered safely
  • A standard route structure to various stations with average transit times
  • AOG support
  • Open communication, with a human
  • Well packed material

Any time we get this type of support, our relationship with our freight partner was great. So were the deliveries.

But, it never lasts. 

To combat this, we’ve been brainstorming. We ship millions of aircraft components every year. From gaskets to engines to ferried aircraft, we ship it all.

Instead of working with unreliable freight partners, we've decided to take this into our own hands. We no longer want to work with unreliable and unsupportive freight partners. And we don't want you to have to either.

We want to give you yet another way to have a positive experience, one you may be familiar with from our material support. Our Never Forget Your Wings promise.

Meet your new freight partner

To resolve the freight madness, let me introduce you to the very beginning of Skylink Freight & Logistics

You’re probably wondering, what does a material management company know about logistics? I get your skepticism. I really do.   

Let me answer that. We know everything.

We know the importance of an AOG. We know the costly effects of a delayed shipment. We know how annoying it is to deal with someone you don’t like (cold hard truth). We know that shipping costs are a big expense and even a 1% savings has big results to you’re operating budget. We know how much trust means and hidden fees don't benefit anybody. We know that poor communication is frustrating and ruins your day. We know…okay I’ll stop while I’m ahead.
Here's why you should choose Skylink Freight

Here's why you should choose Skylink Freight

This is my brief introduction to you. In the next few days I’m going to be sending you another email that’ll answer more of your questions and explain more in detail of how exactly we can help you with your shipping needs. Our goal is to continue to give you the support you deserve. 

In the meantime, please ask any questions that you have going through your head in the comment section below. We'd love to answer them and we'll address them in the next post. 

Until then, keep your birds in the air and remember, never forget your wings!

P.S. In the next post, we’ll talk about our fixed rate freight per kilogram. No more hidden fees. 

P.P.S. You can learn more about our freight solution here.