Aircraft Escape Slides Deploy Without Warning


FAA Targets 767 Escape Slides That Deploy When They Aren’t Supposed To

Well, this isn't good. "Federal regulators have proposed changes to Boeing 767 jets operated by U.S. airlines and cargo carriers to prevent accidental deployment of the emergency escape slides." 

New Boeing 777 AD for GE90 series engines

"We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all General Electric Company
(GE) GE90-76B, -77B, -85B, -90B, and -94B turbofan engines. This AD requires performing an eddy current inspection (ECI) or ultrasonic inspection (USI) of the high-pressure compressor (HPC) stage  8-10 spool and removing from service those parts that fail inspection. This AD was prompted by an uncontained failure of the HPC stage 8-10 spool, leading to an airplane fire. We are issuing this AD  to prevent failure of the HPC stage 8-10 spool, uncontained rotor release, damage to the engine, and  damage to the airplane."

"We estimate that this AD affects 1 engine installed on an airplane of U.S. registry. We also estimate that it will take about 7 hours per engine to comply with this AD. The average labor rate is $85 per hour. Required parts cost about $780,000 per engine. Based on these figures, we estimate the total cost of the AD to U.S. operators to be $780,595."


Plan part falls from sky into Pearl Neighborhood

"Part of a small plane being carried by a large military transport aircraft fell into a Pearl neighborhood on Wednesday. A C-17 Globemaster III aircraft lost the small plane attachment during a routine training exercise around 7 p.m., officials said. The aircraft's tail cone cover fell to the ground."

Killer autopilots? It is all in the eye of the beholder

"The report on the crash of the AirAsia A320 into the Java Sea last year is out and is providing fresh grist for the mill of the anti-tech crowd. The A320 had a problem with the rudder travel limiter system that was caused by a faulty solder joint. The pilots kept getting warnings from this malfunction. They pulled the circuit breaker, which was prohibited. This disconnected the autopilot and the automatic stall protection system. The crew apparently didn’t know this would happen. The airplane zoomed and rolled into a steep bank. Some time, about nine seconds, elapsed between the start of the roll and any pilot attempt to take control."

Aircraft carrier prints spare parts at sea with 3D printers

"3D printers can now be used anywhere and everywhere to provide quick solutions to technical and mechanical problems. The use of 3D printers aboard the International Space Station, for example, has generated much interest within the 3D printing community. 3D printers will soon carry significant value aboard spacecraft, since astronauts cannot simply purchase new parts in space. Without the use of a 3D printer, they must wait for the next planned delivery of cargo, which could be months or even years ahead."


How to End the Day After a Stressful AOG

"Stress is common and a big part of your aviation life. It grabs you tight, suffocating your every move. Most days are made up of you scrambling to resolve the next urgent issue. One after the other. Urgent and more urgent.Your aircraft blew 3 tires, debris cracked your windshield, and your toilet valve jammed. You have the pressure of resolving these issues or being blamed for the downed aircraft. The stress beats you up, day in and day out."