In The News: Boeing's New Sleep System, Man Falls Asleep In Cargo Hold, Ways To Relax When Flying


Boeing Comes Up With A New Sleep System For Passengers

Boeing has recently been awarded a patent for a new sleep system which secures to each passengers seat allowing for a more comfortable sleep. This system is designed so the passenger would lean forward to rest instead of back in their seat. Click here to read more.

Original article by AOL


Man Falls Asleep In The Airplane Cargo Hold

A baggage handler on an Alaska Airlines flight leaving from Seattle heading to Los Angeles apparently fell asleep in the cargo hold. He woke up shortly after takeoff, and was banging on the floor. The pilot was notified and they landed shortly after. Click here to check out the original article.

Original article by CBS


A Few Ways To Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

Flying can be a stressful thing even for aviation professionals. Even if you aren't completely afraid of flying Click here to read more about how you can calm your nerves when flying!

Original article by Nicola Garrett