In The News: Boeing & NASA Team Up, The Inside Scoop On Flying

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There are thousands of moving pieces in aviation and thousands of questions we all want answered. If you've ever wondered how much jet fuel a plane uses on a flight, or why planes leave long white trails in the sky, or even what happens if the toilet on a plane fills up ...check out this post by clicking here.

Original article written by Chris Kitching

NASA And Boeing Team Up!

Nasa and Boeing have joined forces to come up with more efficient fuel saving solutions for the future. One of these techniques they are looking into is called Active Flow Control Enhanced Vertical Tail Flight. In this experiment they are looking to attaching 31 smaller jets across the back of the planes tail, changing the flow of air. Estimations state that fuel use can be lowered by up to 6% if the flow of air is more streamlined. For more, click here.

Original article by Tyler Lee