How To Solve Your Biggest Problems With Aircraft Material Kits

You have problems.

Your lead times are long, your costs are increasing, you have no time and to “add the cherry on top”, you’re stressed.  

These problems are far to common. Yet, most stand by not wanting to make a change. Not wanting to be regain their time. Not wanting to become less stressed. Not wanting to save time and money.

Let’s change that…

Skylink, aircraft material, material kits

Skylink, aircraft material, material kits

Understanding that you have these problems is the first step. The second step is to use tools and strategies to help you overcome them.

One of those strategies is aircraft material kitting.

Here’s how it’ll help you resolve your biggest problems.

Reduces Your Lead Times

Ahh, lead times. The words that put a tingle up your spine.

It’s the number you add 25% more time to in order to get a better estimate. It happens with your rotable cycle times and it happens with your maintenance checks.

You have a due date. By the time all the planned and unplanned material are acquired, your project is delayed.

How can aircraft material kits help you lower your leads times?

Here are a few ways…

  • You have a reoccurring A check schedule. Stock for this task is easy but replenishment is a pain. Your trusted material partner will build a kit specific to your A checks. All you have to do is order that part number.

  • You have an upcoming C check. Unplanned material is bound to happen. Use a kit for your pre-draw requirements. You’ll speed up the beginning stages of your maintenance project. You’ll also reduce your component lead times by being one step ahead.

  • You have a reoccurring modification or task card and a component has a long lead time. Use a kit and have a repeat order generated ahead of time to eliminate the lead time issue. A Vendor Managed Inventory works well here.

Control Costs

There are a few costs that eat away at your operating budget.

These costs are associated with sourcing, process, chasing, tracing, and shipping your aircraft material. They average 5 - 10% of your direct purchase price for each part.

And holding costs cost you about 20% of the direct price of the part per year to hold it in your inventory.

In order to controls these costs you have to find ways to outsource responsibility, stock less, and maintain on time delivery and reliability.

It seems impossible, I know.

There are many strategies to help you with this depending on your current goals or the problem you’re trying to solve.

Aircraft part kitting is a really simple way to solve some of these cost issues.

Let’s say you have a 100 part pre-draw kit and a 30 part task card kit. For both of these, all you’ll need to do is process, chase and trace one part number. The kit.

You reduce your workload by 97%.

Have More Time

One of the biggest problems we see is time.

Our team, clients and strategic partners are all running around. There’s just not enough time. When speaking with new clients, this is the number one problem I hear about.

There’s just not enough time.

And I agree. Which is why I’m a big advocate on spending your time on the most important project.

With the way our aviation world works, for the foreseeable future, there will always be something urgent. There will always be an “issue.”

Which is why we most use smart strategies to automate routine tasks.

Kitting helps you accomplish this. It helps you get some of your time back.

When you plan a maintenance check pre-draw kit and it’s delivered to you, you save hours of your time. You also keep your project on schedule.

By relying on kits, you save time on sourcing, processing, chasing and tracing your orders.

Time. It’s the one thing you can’t get back. Find ways to regain some of it back to focus on important non-urgent projects.

Lower Your Stress

Stress. The secret tagline of aviation.

You’ll do anything you can to reduce your stress.

First, you must be realistic with yourself. You’re not superman or woman. You can’t do it all.

When using aircraft material kits you make things easier on yourself. And your operation.

By doing that, you reduce your stress.

Using aircraft material kits will help you become more efficient, save time, reduce costs and be less stressed.

Why not give them a try? I think you should!

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