3 Signs You Should Be Using Aircraft Maintenance Kits

Do you want things to be easier? Of course, you do. Don't we all.

After a recent conversation with a purchasing professional from Air Arabia, she stated it beautifully...

"We live and work in the most complex supply chain in the world."

And that sums it up.

We all get so caught up in the day that we forget to take a step back. To step back and look at the position and area we work in. To work on ways to eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency.

It's that simple.


Aircraft material kits are a great starting point to help you achieve this.

Here are 3 signs of when you should begin using them.

1) You purchase the same material for repeat task cards.

Whether you have an engine change, a check, or any other repeat task card, there's items and tools you use, every time.

This is a great opportunity to have material kits built for your task card.

Yes, you could order the material as you need it or stock them individually, but this just increases your supply chain complexity.

Have your trusted material adviser build the kit and ship it to with one part number. So all you'll need to do is order 1 part and 1 kit will arrive. Simple!

2) You're losing control of organizing your material.

It's not easy to purchase 140 items for a C-check or to maintain the constant material demands for your fleet.

When things begin to get more complicated, you'll soon begin to lose control of how you organize yourself and your material.

Kits allow you to take 50 redundant steps into one.

Take a step back and think of what things can be built into a repeatable kit. Then, work with your material partner to deliver on these needs.

3) Your maintenance checks are delayed or hushed.

It's common. You have a planned maintenance check. Everything looks and feels good until...

The work begins.

This is very common for C and D checks. Once things get opened, items begin falling out of scope and your stress begins to boil. You feel your pulse pulsating out of your neck.

In this type of situation, it's very difficult to plan. Experience and history will give you an idea of what you can expect, but why not make some of the work easier.

You can pre-plan your pre-draw material and build kits out of them.

And it gets even easier with an A check. Build a kit. Make things easier.

There's a certain amount of planning you can do going into the maintenance check. So plan. Prepare. Make it easier going into your maintenance project.

Aircraft material kits are a great strategy for you to become more efficient. To save time and money.

Why wait?

Take advantage of them today. It won't cost you anything extra. It's a no-brainer.

P.S. Download this free kitting eBook while you're at it.