Aviation News: Emirates In Orlando, Orient Thai's Safe Landing, TSA Screening List


In the news: Emirates arriving In Orlando!

Emirates 777-300ER Air to Air

Just last week we got some wonderful news that our Orlando International family is growing!

Emirates will begin flying a daily route from Orlando International Airport non stop to Dubai starting on September 1, 2015.

Frank kruppenbacher stated that this move will have about 100 million dollar economic impact on Central Florida.

The president of Emirates Sir Tim Clark had this to say in a recent press release, “Orlando is one of the world’s premier leisure and conference destinations, a dynamic business centre and a destination which Emirates has long wished to serve,” Additionally, “As a growing region, we believe that our service will facilitate further growth for both Orlando as well as central Florida by connecting the city with our global network of 145 destinations across 80 countries; and give customers from Orlando the choice of flying Emirates whilst experiencing our award-winning in flight product and service.”

For obvious reasons this is huge news for us, and we hope you are as excited as we are!

Original post by Richard Bilbao

Additional news: Orient Thai's flight makes emergency landing

We were worried for a moment, but happy to hear that our friends at Orient Thai are all safe.  A flight en route to Chengdu from Phuket had to make an emergency landing after the plane rapidly lost altitude. Oxygen masks were deployed, but the plane landed safely and there were no major injuries.

Original post by Chris Kitching

More news: TSA’s list of suspicious behavior comes out

As It turns out being randomly selected isn't always so random. They do in fact have a list of “suspicious activities” to look out for, all of which are attached to a point system. Get yourself too many points, and you could land  in a screening room. But this is a good thing that our TSA security is watching out for us, just don't be to fidgety or  be whistling next time you’re going through security!

Orginal post by Josh Hicks