You constantly try to manage what you need for maintenance, and what you’re willing to stock.

It’s a collision of investing in inventory or taking chances with AOGs.

When you don’t have the right part, at the right time, in the right place, your chances for urgent requirements skyrocket.

You become the “Director of Babysitting Suppliers.”

You try to figure your who, what, and when a component will be available. You follow up with POs, figure out logistics and scurry to making magic happen. But then…

There’s a delay to your order, the unit isn’t ready for overhaul, or the logistics provider is confused. A service level guarantee is non-existent and the only other option you have is to invest millions in stock so you can avoid such issues. Or you spend more on AOGs to avoid stoking material. But do you really have to invest in either of these approaches?

Airlines hold about $1.6 million worth of inventory per aircraft. This means you carry eight times the value
of inventory that you actually need to support your fleet, just to resolve inefficiencies within the industry infrastructure.

save millions!

Thinking about maintenance doesn’t have to be some wild affair of what to do, when to stock, and how to avoid AOGs. One of our airline partners was overspending on inventory and decided to reduce their inventory burden and cut back, meaning they would procure as needed. Reliability became a problem and their AOGs spiked. They began spending double on administration costs to support their requirements.

They came to us for a solution.

We requested them to compile a list of their No-Go items which we then converted into a pooled inventory. The pool was available to them 24/7 without the financial burden. 6 months later they reduced their AOGs by 75% and their inventory expenditure by 30%.

The Benefits to you

Our aircraft component pooled inventory program allows you to focus more energy on generating revenue in the air and not wasting your money on inventory. There are many benefits to this program:


spend less money

You'll spend less money on inventory
freeing up cash to be spent on other
operational needs.


inclusions / exclusions

Things change which is why it's important to
include operator specific inclusions / exclusions. Just because you have access to a large inventory doesn't mean you have to pay for it. Use what you need, simple as that.


reduce admin costs

Spending more time on your core
activities will result in reduced administrative
cost burdens. Spend more money
on making money.


24/7 Services

Our 24/7 AOG service is different. Your dedicated account manager is your point of contact at all hours. Work with who you know and know we've got your back.

large pool of inventory

When you utilize our component pool
program you have access to a large pool
of inventory.


advanced exchange

Every time you need a component it'll be
supplied to you on an advanced exchange basis. We'll ship it, you install it and then
send us the removed unit.


Less time babysitting

Spend less time “babysitting” suppliers and MROs and more time on managing your aircraft maintenance project.


Quality Guarantee

Every component you receive will be backed by our quality program.

service levels

AOGs are a thing of the past as you'll have
guaranteed service levels based on what your
strategy is. Is it a first line MEL inventory, new fleet provisioning or 2nd tier No-Go items? Whatever it is, it'll have a guaranteed service
level attached to it.


Return repair coverage

Forget having to worry about spending
money on your core returns maintenance. Our
pooling program covers all return maintenance costs up to a certain level.


Dedicated Account Team

You'll receive a dedicated account
management team. Just for you.