Damaged, mishandled parts can cost you thousands of dollars and hours of time. Instead...

Get maximum protection, without the bulk.

Do you receive your aircraft material assets in standard boxes? 

You know, the razor-thin boxes that can be pierced and crushed by a toddler. It mostly does the job, but the higher your assets value, the greater your risk. 

Don't let normal packaging be your norm. Protect your assets. Protect your time. 

At Skylink, we want to help you protect your asset and minimize shipping costs. That's why we offer premium shipping material that holds up to 350 lbs. with a very strong DOUBLE WALL that offers maximum crush/impact protection, extra inside cushion, and an outside impact monitoring label. Think of it as maximum protection, without the bulk. 




  • Single Wall

  • 200# Bursting Test

  • 32 Edge Crush Test

  • Not to exceed 65 lbs and 75 total inches of measurement 

  • Economically Packed & Consolidated Order

$25.95 ea.


  • Double Wall

  • 275# Bursting Test

  • 44 Edge Crush Test

  • Extra Interior Cushion

  • Not to exceed 95 lbs and 95 total inches of measurement

  • All contents wrapped in bubble. 

  • Thoughtfully Packed with Some Consolidating Orders

$35.95 ea.

heavy duty

  • Very strong DOUBLE WALL that offers maximum crush/impact protection

  • 500# Bursting Test

  • 48 Edge Crush Test

  • Not to exceed 140 lbs and 105 total inches

  • Extra Interior Cushion

  • Packed to protect. Paper, part bubble, 5" from wall with no jiggle room.

  • Outside impact monitoring label

*Request Price


Wooden Crates

  • "Vault-like" protection for your export shipments.

  • 1/4" thick plywood. Outside dimensions include 5" pallet.

  • Export certified. Meets ISPM 15 requirements.

  • Wood pallets heat treated and stamped for export shipment.

  • 2,750+# weight capacity

  • 10,000+# sacking strength

How do you take advantage of this? 

Simply tell your Dedicated Account Manager which level you'd like. 

They'll consult you on how many boxes you'll need. 

Just add to your PO. 


Protect your assets today and we'll help you make it a reality.