Attention: Aircraft maintenance teams

"Instantly Fix Your Leaking Hydraulics And Avoid The Costly Impact Of A Downed Aircraft."

By avoiding a missed revenue flight, you'll 10x your kit investment and avoid the unnecessary "AOG" stress

You might be asking yourself, what's an aircraft hydraulic fly-away-kit? 

The kit is created to repair damaged hose assemblies and rigid tubes temporarily. It's what will prevent delays of normal operation of your aircraft.

The goal is to keep your flight as planned and fix the underlining issue at a better time. 

A quick fix that instantly pays for itself 

You fix your leak by replacing the leaking hose or tube with one or more of the hose assemblies in the kit. The repairs are approved for temporary use.

Just imagine all of the costs you'll avoid with a quick temporary fix. 

We ship hydraulic fly-away-kits all over the world.
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The Benefits to you

With this hydraulic leak kit, it’s all based on avoiding a downed aircraft and  reducing the normal hassles of procurement.
We hide nothing and this is exactly what you’ll get:

avoid AOGs

Avoid AOG, long delays and unforeseen expenses.


polyester hoses

The hoses come covered by polyester and are resistant to chaffing.


low & high pressure

The kit is provided in low-pressure (3,000 PSI) or high-pressure version (5,000 PSI)


multi kit discounts

If you have multiple aircraft and outstations that need this kit, you'll get a price break. 

one stop shop

A one-stop, all you need kit for hydraulic hose and rigid tube repair


low weight case

The Fly Away Kit is delivered in a hard low-weight case (45 lbs/20 kg)


fixed pricing

Fixed pricing for 12 months.



You'll be supported by your 24/7 Dedicated Account team.

easy storage

The small kit is stored at outstations for quick repairs or onboard your aircraft


foam cut outs

The case has foam cut-outs in two layers for easy use and replenishment


auto replenishment 

Auto-replenishment when the material is used. 


simple logistics

We'll handle all the logistics so you don't have to. 

These kits are used for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft


hydraulic fly-away-kit
  • Low-pressure kit (3,000 PSI)

  • High-pressure kit (5,000 PSI)

  • The Fly Away Kit is delivered in a rigid low-weight case (35 lbs/16 kg)


  • Low-pressure kit (3,000 PSI)

  • High-pressure kit (5,000 PSI)

  • The Fly Away Kit is delivered in a rigid low-weight case (45 lbs/20 kg)