Why Your Urgent RFQs Become AOG & How to Fix It

You’re always stuck firefighting AOGs. It’s routine for you. A normal way of your aviation life. Yet, every time it wastes time and money. It’s a burden. It’s stressful. It’s wasteful.

100% of the airlines and MROs we work with struggle with the same problem. Some more than others.

When AOGs happen, you’re in trouble. You do everything you can to resolve the issue. It drains your time, you spend extra money and you have better things to do.

What if you could reduce your AOGs?

You were urgent and now you’re AOG. Why?

Follow me through this narrative….

It’s Monday, an airline (you) asks Skylink for 5 urgent aircraft components. 3 days later we check in with you to make sure everything is going good since you haven’t asked us to ship. On the 7 day you call us saying you're now AOG. In 2 days, your aircraft will be grounded, so you need these items rushed.

You go from an urgent request to an AOG request.

You go from nominal processing and shipping costs to doubling your expenses. We’ve seen expenses go as high as 13x the original direct cost due to AOG shipping costs and fees.


You had everything planned with your original request. You asked for a quote and you got the quote. The items were ready, waiting for you to make a decision. But you decided to wait.

It’s natural. You want to wait as the urgent request may resolve itself. Yet decisions like this cost the industry millions of dollars a year.

The most urgent items will not become less urgent over time. They progress into an AOG. Causing you time and money.

Rarely you’ll solve the urgent request by yourself with internal means.

Statistically, you’re taking a gamble. A big gamble.

How can you stay in the urgent and avoid the AOG?

Every day we think about ways to help you resolve AOGs. We’re pretty darn good at it too. But that’s not enough.

Being fast to get you what you want, when you want it still costs you more time and money then you deserve.

Here’s something we’re playing with…

You need to purchase the urgent items when you need them. Don’t second guess yourself. Worst case scenario you resolve the issue and have an extra order on your hands. The best case scenario, you have support components to resolve an urgent situation before it costs you AOG fees.

You can calculate your return on investment by making a smart, quick and decisive decision. But, this still adds a small burden to you.

What if you could then return these items if you figure things out? These urgent items will act as an insurance policy to avoid an AOG and you have the peace of mind for a simple return.

Would a peace of mind guarantee make your life easier? Would it help you purchase urgent items and resolve a request before it becomes AOG with the peace of mind of being able to return them with little hassle?

We would love to hear your thoughts on how this idea would help your operation.

Email your dedicated Account Manager or our VP Nate Anglin (nate@skylinkintl.com) and discuss the benefits this would create for you and how we can implement it to best serve you.