Why Mechanics & Pilots Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance


Most of us, yes, you included, get so caught up in your day that we forget how important effective communication is.

Effective being the key word there.

Whether its material management talking with purchasers, engineering talking with buyers, mechanics talking with pilots, the CFO talking the the VP of maintenance, communication plays an integral role in successful operations.

We talk about it daily but it's still a common problem. Despite our greatest efforts, it will continue to be a daily team effort.

Here's a great write up on the importance of communication from the maintence perspective.  It focuses primarily on general aviation but the takeaway is still important for us on the commercial side of things.

Pilots and Mechanics Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance

Never Forget Your: Aircraft Maintenance

We first brought you an article from Vanity Fair about how aircraft maintenance is unsafe.

Well now we've got one from Forbes, the counter argument. "Airplanes are demonstrably safe. But doubts among the public persist, as evidenced by a recent article in Vanity Fair that questioned the safety of aviation maintenance as airlines have outsourced work to shops outside the U.S."

Vanity Fair Aside, Airplane Maintenance Is Safe, And I Can Prove It

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Never Forget Your: Components

"Even the slightest fault in aircraft engines could pose a safety risk. Until now, inspectors have relied solely on their well-trained eye to unmask defects on blade-integrated disks, known as blisks."

Reliably Detecting Irregularities In Aircraft Turbines

"As many as 17 incidents of tyre burst have been reported by different domestic airlines between 2012 and October 30 this year, with seven of them reported by Air India and its subsidiary Alliance Air, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma informed Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

17 plane tyre burst reported in three years

"Zimbabwe’s embattled national airline has said that it wasn’t raw effluent that was photographed running down the aisle of one of its planes at the weekend. It was “clean” water from a hand basin that had overflowed, Air Zimbabwe insists."

Air Zimbabwe Sewage Leak: Airline Admits Water Spill

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Never Forget Your: Experts

"It’s shocking how many companies have different definitions for aircraft part conditions. From FN, NE, NS to RP, AR…oh my!"

What’s The Difference Between FN, NE, & NS For Aircraft Part Conditions?

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Never Forget Your: Tips, tricks & trends

"Thai Airways International Plc (THAI) will stop storing aircraft parts as part of the loss-ridden airline's efforts to solve its financial woes. The move comes after the company failed to meet the cost-reduction targets outlined by its original business rehabilitation plan."

THAI to stop stashing parts to stem losses

"AN Air China’s passenger aircraft caught fire on its engine at an airport in southeast China this morning, but firefighter sprayed foam onto another aircraft waiting nearby. The incident caused the runway to be closed for more than 1.5 hours."

Fire fighters spray foam on wrong plane during engine emergency

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