Challenges & Opportunities in PBH Fleet Component Programs


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Brain Drain in Maintenance Sector Needs Another Look — "Imagine seeing this headline: “Major Airline Uses Student Pilots on Passenger Flights.” There would be universal outrage and condemnation if an airline tried to put students in the cockpit on passenger-carrying flights–even if “just” to handle the radios or practice touching some of the controls in cruise flight."

New ADs: CRJ Correct Damaged Blowout Panels & G650 Correct Inadequate Torque— "Here’s this weeks ADs to help you take the right measures to fix and correct the reported problems. If you already have expertise on this issue, please make your comments in the comment section below."

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Challenges & Opportunities in PBH Fleet Component Programs— "Visibility of Costs: A PBH/FHS program gives an airline/operator advantages of cost visibility over the term of contract. It is easy to anticipate the costs associated in the whole contractual term."

AirAsia 8501: Crash Attributed to Wrongful Pilot Response to a System Malfunction— "Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee has published the Final Report on the AirAsia 8501 crash occurred on December 28, 2014, concluding that the accident was caused by a combination of improper pilot responses and poor crew coordination in response to a recurring system malfunction warning."

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Why Aircraft Maintenance Regulations are Annoying & How We Overcome it— "Aircraft maintenance regulations are annoying. People, even you, complain about regulations. Like you just received a burger without the bun. You despise. it. It annoys you."

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4 Best Kept Secrets About the Aircraft Maintenance Industry — "The Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Industry suffered during the recession. The economic decline caused a substantial decrease in sales among major airlines. "

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