6 Ways To Reduce Stress Without Leaving Your Desk

Your face begins to get red, steam is coming out of your head and you feel as though you're going to explode. Sound familiar?

Reduce stress with infinity sign

Well, you're not alone. My head steams, I get red and I feel like I’m going to explode on a frequent basis.

But I’m going to be honest, this is never a good feeling.

You live and breathe the aviation world and stress is going to be a frequent inhabitant in your life. Stress isn't always a bad thing but once it gets out of control in can end a good day fast.

So I want to share a few little secrets with you. These secrets are what I do to reduce stress and the best part is, I don’t have to leave my desk.

In this crazy world we call aviation, you should try anything to limit the stress you encounter.

Am I right?

 6 ways to reduce stress without leaving your desk

1) Get a live plant - By putting a couple live plants in your office you’ll create a soothing atmosphere that reduces airborne mold and bacteria by 50-60%. An increase in your comfort level means a decrease in your stress levels.

2) Infinity method - With your finger draw an infinity sign. This is a figure eight on its side. Make sure to draw it big and to continue this motion. As you draw, follow the path with your eyes. By doing this you force your brain to switch between left and right side thinking. This type of analytical switch disrupts focus and reduces stress.

 3) Reach for the sky - While sitting in your chair clasp your hands together. Then reach for the sky as high as you can. Once you feel the stretch and slight backwards bend in your spine, lean left and then lean right. This little tip opens up your entire upper torso. What a relief.

4) Breathe - Breathing is a great way to reduce stress. Breathe in through your nose, feel your diaphragm expand, count to 5 and release through your mouth. As you release, feel your diaphragm begin to cave. Count to 5 on the exhale. Repeat 10 times. Close your eyes if that relaxes you even more.

5) Sit on a stability ball - This little technique makes you focus on your posture which allows for better blood flow. Once you begin to hunch, you restrict your blood flow making you tired, grumpy and on edge. See me on my stability ball by clicking here.

6) Get a stress ball or desk punching bag - Get yourself a stress ball or if you really feel up for it, get a desk punching bag. Although violence isn’t acceptable these are GREAT tools to relieve stress.

That's it. If you use any of these tips you’ll feel much better when your stress level begins to rise.

Start being proactive and reduce your stress before it gets out of control.

Do you have trouble dealing with stress? Comment below.