[VIDEO] Selecting the Right Repair Partner 104: TRANSPARENCY

[VIDEO] Selecting the Right Repair Partner 104: TRANSPARENCY

Is your repair partner telling you everything you need to know?

When you get quotes for your aircraft part repair, you’ll often get a single bundle quote. It’s just a rate. Pay it or leave it.

What if you could provide your own piece parts to lower the cost? What if you could use an unserviceable unit, and cannibalize it for parts? What if there was a better option, that had your best interests at heart?

MROs lack transparency.

Frustrating Things Repair Stations Say & How You Should Reply

Does it drive you crazy when a repair station makes excuses about the status of your repair order?

You’ve sent your aircraft part/s in for repair, yet you spend more time trying to get a valid update. 😱

You have to call, email, and follow-up to get status on your repair work order. Once you get a hold of someone, the reply sounds like…