Why No One Is Listening To You


How does it feel, being ignored? You pick up the phone and get voicemail. You email and get no reply back. You text only to be ignored. In the world of fast paced jets, communication moves at the speed of idle dirt. Dealing with aircraft maintenance supply chain partners is a chore.

No One ListeningIt's like babysitting a child that doesn't listen.

Nowadays, we have social communication mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and the ancient phone, text and email. Yet, listening and communication skills are at an all time low. It's a mind numbing epidemic.

So why are people not listening to you? Why does it seem like nobody cares?

It's Not A You Problem, It's a Who Problem

When supply chain partners don't actively engage you in a conversation, it's not a you problem, it's a who problem.

It's very common to have a need and to have to pull teeth to work through a problem and find a solution. The person you should be relying on most is out to lunch with their phone turned off. They say "I-care-a-lot-about-you" but actions speak louder than words.

I'll give you a quick checklist to identify the who problem:

  • They don't reply to your email for hours
  • You don't have a cell phone number for them
  • You leave voicemails and they never return your call
  • You leave voicemails and it takes days to get a call back
  • They don't accept your social media requests so you can build trust a rapport with them
  • They are hard to find on the internet
  • You have no way to text them
  • They're never on Skype
  • They don't have Whatsapp
  • You can't call them after hours or on the weekends
  • Every time you talk to them it always sounds like they have something more important to do

This is why we have 24/7 dedicated Account Managers.

You can contact them personally any time you want. People who we can create the greatest value for and who benefits from our solutions has entire access to their Account Manager. It's about creating a "WOW" experience.

When you're not being heard and you identify it's a who problem, look at your options and figure out another way.

The Downfall of Demands

Another big issue it the constant pressure of demands, it could be you doing the demanding or the other party.

Constant demands will have the other party running. Communicating and listening together is entirely different.

Here's a great example. We had a new customer contact us and every time we engaged them in a solution for their rotable RFQ needs, they would demand a "cheaper" price. It was never good enough and pretty soon we became disengaged. With the prices we were quoting they got 100% logistical support, 24/7 access to a dedicated Account Manager and unparalleled service.

They know that they can trust us and we do as we say. There's no having to babysit us. In this particular situation it was a matter of $100 that they demanded we come down to. It was a constant demand of lowering prices and a constant demand of shipping things faster than agreed upon.

Every time we worked with this client it was a demand. It was never collaborative.

Are demands sometime necessary? Yes, of course, but doing more demanding and less communication and collaborating gets most people nowhere.

Listening is much more productive than talking and it's a critical flaw in a lot of supply chain partners communication style. Know the who and watch out for the constant demands.

Do you feel like your constantly ignored? Do your supply chain partners have a listening problem? Well fear no more my friend. Fill out the form below and let's show you how good listening skills is done.

Skylink Teams Up With Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


This week we invited the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to come in and take some retired spare parts off our hands for their classrooms. We were delighted to donate these parts as it provides a great hands on learning experience for the prospecting students attending the University. Moreover, it was great to team up with a well known university that has grown its roots from the first flight of the Wright Brothers back in 1903. Embry Riddle Donations Square



Skylink's Journey To India

Recently a couple of our Skylink team members were invited to travel to India to meet with some of our clients and close friends to celebrate their wedding. They started off flying from Newark to Mumbai where they spent a few nights sightseeing. This is a picture in Mumbai of the central laundry facility. For hotels that do not have in house laundry, they send their linens here. They arrived too late in the day to see the washing process, but this is how they dry all the linens. It’s interesting how each area is color coded.


A couple days later they took a three hour car ride to Nashik for the wedding. Below is Nate at the ring ceremony standing with the Groom.


Here is Nate and Nicky celebrating with the Bride and Groom during the ring ceremony.


The next day they attended the wedding ceremony in the their traditional Indian attire. Look how incredible the flower arrangements are!


Here is Nicky posing with another wedding guest during the wedding reception.


After the wedding, Nate and Nicky did some more sightseeing around India. First stop was riding an elephant in Jaipur, towards the Amber Fort!


They were also able to spend some time in Agra were the Taj Mahal is located. Isn’t this picture Nicky took amazing?!


Nicky and Nate were honored to be a part of all the wedding festivities, and getting to see such a beautiful country.


Skylink's Trip To Chile

Just a few weeks ago a couple members of our Skylink family got to go meet some of our extended family down in Vina Del Mar, Chile. Vina Del Mar means the vineyard by the sea, and the name truly speaks for itself, the views of the ocean are absolutely amazing. Below is a picture of Nate Anglin and Evelyn Rios having a wonderful lunch right by the sea with Mario Vigorena who is our Skylink team member in Chile. dinner picture

In addition, while they were in Chile, they had the pleasure of attending a ceremony celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the creation of the Naval aviation branch. They discussed the history of their navy, and how it became what it is today. Below are a few pictures of the ceremony.

troops walking

walking 2

Also check out this stunning plane located on the base!


After such an amazing trip, and getting to meet some of our great friends, all good things must come to an end…