Excuse Epidemic: Are You a Culprit or Victim?

Whether you like it or not, you’re very much a part of the excuse epidemic. Airlines, OEMs, aftermarket suppliers and especially MROs have been affected by this plague.


You hear it day in and day out. Maybe your MRO provider called you and said “sorry to inform you but the average overhaul we quoted was actually under quoted by a $1,000. The OEM raised their price.”

All you will probably get is “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

No plans to make things right, no sincere apology and a possible solution. Just a requote and a “Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why the excuse epidemic exists

The excuse epidemic exists for one inherent reason. People are selfish.

I know that may be a little harsh but it’s true.

Excuses are born by people wanting the easy way out. I’m sure you’ve dealt with this on many occasions.

People would rather point the finger at a problem than take ownership that the problem was created by them.

Excuses come from laziness to correct an issue.

We all make mistakes but it’s how we try to overcome them that makes a difference.

What we can do to resolve this

Things happen. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what industry you deal with. Problems will always occur.

Plain and simple.

But do we make an excuse of why this issue occurred or do we report the problem with possible solutions? I’ll take the latter rather than the former.

Instead of making excuses, a conscious effort needs to be made to find solutions to the current issue.  [TWEET THIS]

Making an excuse is the easy way out. Finding a solution is a win / win strategy.

We've all been a culprit and a victim of the excuse epidemic. Whether you’re an airline, aftermarket supplier, OEM or MRO you've been on both sides.

I challenge you today to make a conscious effort to not be and not tolerate excuse makers. 

Find solutions.

Have you been the victim of the excuse epidemic? Comment below.