29 Ways To Prepare For An Aircraft on Ground

When you hear the 3 letters, A-O-G, it makes you cringe

Your heart rate starts to race, your palms begin to sweat and you frantically think I-have-to-fix-this-now

AOG are stressful. But if you're prepared before the AOG, it’ll make your aviation life much easier.

29 Ways To Prepare For An Aircraft On Ground

29 Ways To Prepare For An Aircraft On Ground

That’s why we compiled this simple, yet effective list. So you're prepared before the AOG even happens. 

1.  Have your top rotable, consumable, and expendable partner on speed dial.

2.  Avoid scammers, spammers and people you don't know, like and trust. 

3.  Download this How to Avoid Scammers Guide. 

4.  Review a list of your past AOGs and build a theme around reoccurring part numbers.

5.  Have a partner stock their inventory with high-likelihood AOG components so you don’t have to.

6.  Constantly review and update your logistical network from your top material partners.

7.  Delegate certain responsibilities so you can focus on the big issue.

8.  Give yourself no more than 30 minutes to procure the AOG component so you can avoid unnecessary delays of indecisiveness.

9.  Use a freight forwarder who knows what an AOG means.

10.  Your freight forwarder should have a large route network.

11.  Calculate your opportunity cost based on various options.

12.  Consolidate multiple line items to mitigate risk.

13.  Keep in close contact with your top supplier so they are up to date with your operation.

14.  Talk with your supplier, 24/7 via email, phone, or Skype.

15.  Have face to face meetings with your top supplier so trust is continually built.

16.  Prepare multiple contingencies for every AOG solution.

17.  Take 10 deep breaths before making a decision.

18.  Automate your AOG procurement process.

19.  Reduce mass emails as this adds a level of complexity you may not see.

20.  Reduce mass emails as an airline with an AOG increases market 15% - 25%.

21.  Take advantage of a pooling program so you invest more on operations and less on stock.

22.  Forecast your high usage material and utilize a Vendor Manged Inventory solution that gives you the peace of mind of having what you need, when you need it. 

23.  Have weekly meetings with your trusted material partners so they’re always on the same level as you.

24.  Use partners that you feel are like your own internal employees.

25.  Review your mean time between events (MTBE), mean time between removal (MTBR), mean time between unscheduled removal (MTBUR=MTBU), mean time between failure (MTBF) regularly.

26.  Use the Pareto Analysis to pinpoint repeat issues with the biggest impact and solve them.

27.  Your freight forwarder should be available 24/7.

28.  Utilize GPS tracking for your high-value AOG freight for peace of mind.

29.  Build a friendship with your dedicated account manager.

Yes, you're right. 

A lot of these seem so simple and basic. That's because they are. 

We often like to complicate what's simple. We over think. 

Most people over complicate the process and engineer complex systems that are not able to accommodate an AOG as it’s happening.

They do a great job analyzing and forecasting potential problems, but once an AOG occurs, it just needs to be resolved…by a human, using close relationships with key partners.

It’s as simple as that.

Comment below with some of your own tips.


P.S. We have an AOG program that utilizes distribution networks and logistical partners all over the world. Interested? Contact your dedicated account manager here.