How Aeromar Airlines CEO, Andrés Fabre handles the challenges of leading an airline.

Andres Fabre had a vision. A vision of being the CEO of an airline.

But he wasn’t just born into the role. He had to work hard, create value and transform the people and operations around him.

He started his career in the heat, tossing luggage into carts.

After time, he noticed that wasn’t going to be enough. Not to be CEO. He had to create value for others. He had to WORK faster, harder, and longer.

Andres began to realize something…

That if you help out, if you put in the extra effort, and you do things that your role doesn’t call for, you’ll create value for others and dramatically increase your knowledge.

A very powerful duo.

That’s what he did. And that’s what led him from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Transformation Officer to now Chief Executive Officer.

He’s worked his way up. From the bottom to the top.

And now, he’s on a mission to transform Aeromar.

Take a peek, it’s well worth the audio alone.

Listen, take notes, and begin your own life mission.

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"You can cut cost, you can increase revenue...but if you don't change the culture of a company nothing will transcend." -Andrés Fabre

“When I was little, I always dreamed of being CEO of an airline, and I started putting bags into planes... and  I am sitting here now in the CEO office of an airline.” -Andrés Fabre

"I am looking for people that want to be part of a change." - Andrés Fabre

Show notes with timestamps:

[1:25] From baggage agent to CEO, Andés Fabre describes his journey to the c-suite.

[2:20] How a layoff forced Andrés to overcome challenges and prove he had the skills to grow professionally and earn a promotion.

[5:25] When a dream becomes a reality, how Andrés achieved his goal to become CEO.

[6:24] How Andrés starts his day and prepares for the pressures of being CEO.

[7:25] Andrés explains how he stays organized and his technique for answering every email.

[10:56] Andrés talks about how meditation has helped him stay aligned.

[14:09] Leading transformation is no easy task, Andés reveals what he looks for when he is trying to transform an operation.  

[15:14] What is the one thing that can make or break a transformation?

[17:16] What is Andrés’s biggest challenge?

[19:42] Understanding how people react or adapt to change.

[22:00] Discover how Andrés plans to change the maintenance culture at Aeromar Airlines.

[24:27] What is the backbone of Aeromar’s transformation?

[26:20] What’s next for Andrés Fabre?

[27:42] Got questions? Looking for more? Interested in working at Aeromar?  Contact Andrés, here’s how.

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