High Turnover and the Inventory Dream

You sit in your office, wondering, waiting.

The mess on your shelves is a never ending doom of dust and debris.

You fight with yourself trying to figure out when it will sell or when it should be scrapped.

high inventory turnover through asset management

Aircraft component surplus is a common problem. A costly problem.

It’s a marriage problem.

Often times people feel married, dedicated to the parts.

A few years ago, more like 7, we decided to move to another location.

We had old Rolls-Royce engine nacelles lining the wall, several hundred feet of wings and struts hanging and consuming the outside perimeter of the warehouse.

Prior to the move I walked into the warehouse, with a deep sigh, and thought, what a bunch of junk.

The material had sat in the warehouse for over a decade and was deemed useless and costly to continue to sit. So we decided to scrap it.

Now, as an airline you have the option to consign the material to someone like Skylink but for us, at this time, scrapping was in our best interest.

For you, creating a strategy where you have high inventory turnover may seem impractical, but it may not be a so far from being just a dream.

Inventory turnover

Inventory turnover is defined as how many times a company’s inventory is sold and replaced over a period. This is a valid definition for someone like Skylink.

For you, inventory turnover is defined as the liquidation of unnecessary components to reduce cost and fund profit generating activities.

High inventory levels are unhealthy because they represent an investment with a rate of return of zero. It also opens you up to trouble should prices begin to fall. Another very big issue we see.

Often times airline surplus is still expected to get the same return from pricing 10 years old. Unrealistic and hard to achieve.

The best option to avoid this is to consign your assets to a trusted partner who specializes in the resale of aircraft spares. And it’s for this reason we have our Asset Management program.

By utilizing a skilled partner who does this day in and day you will ensure a higher inventory turnover than you experience now, it will cost you less to staff and facilitate sales, and reduce your overhead expenditure.

An asset management program is an excellent tool if you see your inventory levels rising and dust beginning to collect.

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