Surplus Robbery And Why To Avoid Excess

Have you ever walked down a busy urban street to eventually find out you’ve been robbed? Young-man-surprised

Or, maybe you're like me, a type that goes grocery shopping while hungry.

I’ll go down each aisle, stomach growling and toss junk in my shopping cart.

A week later I’ll reach into the refrigerator and  find out that my vegetables are rotting, the meat is smelly and my fruit is beginning to attract several flying creatures.

These two scenarios have one thing in common, lost money. When you're robbed you lose money immediately but when you overbuy money is lost overtime.

Now, the problem with these 2 scenarios is your surplus inventory is similar to both.

I know, hold the screaming and crying.

Aircraft surplus robs you blind

I challenge you. Go through your inventory and calculate the amount of money that's been tied up on your shelves for more than 12 months.

Is it 50%? 75% Maybe even 90%?

Now, think of that money sitting in a large pile in the middle of your warehouse. Do you have the image?

Now light it on fire!

Inventory that’s been on your shelf for greater than 12 months is a poor inventory turnover strategy with negative effects on cash flow.

Just picture how this money could have been allocated. I’m sure you have more important projects than just sitting money on the shelf watching it get dusty. This is why we created our aircraft asset management program.

Our goal is to minimize your inventory's shelf life, reduce holding cost and capitalize on generating revenue from your aging material. Aging assets is a poor way to manage your money.

With so much focus on hedging fuel, creating ancillary revenue, you should also focus on minimizing idle, wasted inventory.

Don’t sit and wait.

Look at your inventory, scream out loud and take action. Liquidating this excess is a bright future for your cash flow.

And just possibly an aircraft asset management program may be a good solution for your operation.

If it is, contact us today by CLICKING HERE and saying "Help me eliminate our surplus nightmare."