Mission: To provide the best and most actionable content for our aircraft maintenance and material world. We want people to read our stuff and be able to implement it into their operation. If you can help with that, keep reading...

Why Write For Us?

It will give you the opportunity to teach, educate and encourage others about the subject your most knowledgeable in.

Your post will reach:

  1. 10,000+ monthly website readers.
  2. 3,000+ readers on our weekly round-up newsletter.
  3. 1,000+ followers on social and paid advertising.

So if you want exposure, you’ll get that.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to have your byline in the post. If it’s a paid article, no byline or self-promotion is allowed.

What We Publish

Here's a list of what we publish from contributors:

  1. How-to, FAQ, or researched posts.
  2. Research findings based on polls, surveys, and research studies conducted by aerospace, academia, PR firms, and other researchers.
  3. Material topics related to expendables, consumables, rotables, aircraft tooling.
  4. Broader topics that relate to Airframe, Engine, Aerospace Supply Chain & Logistics, Safety, Engineering, Interiors & Asset Management.


Here are a couple of our previous articles so you can get an idea of what we’re looking for in terms of quality and content.  



More Details:

  • Write from an objective viewpoint and convey valuable how-to information to the reader. Focus on practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how about a specific aviation topic or approach to aircraft maintenance and material. Bullet points are good. Meandering text is not.
  • Use a fresh, approachable voice. You are a person writing for other people. So, sound like one. ;)
  • Offer clear takeaways for our (and your) audience—mostly airlines, aircraft MROs, lessors, militaries, and OEMs, by the way. And remember that little voice: "Nobody has to read this." Make us want to read it.
  • Articles should be at least 600-1,000 words, but no more than 1,200 or so. Feel free to include images, charts, graphs, and the like—but only if they help convey a point.
  • Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Include a brief bio of 25 words, including LinkedIn and Twitter contact info, if available, and a recent headshot (make sure your entire head and neck are in the picture).
  • Include relevant links immediately preceding the words to be linked (the anchor text); do not embed the links in the anchor text (but feel free to underline that anchor text).
  • Include a title and H2 and H3 headers to break up the content into bit sized chunks. These may be changed in the editing process!
  • Submit articles in a Google Doc. to april@skylinkintl.com.
  • If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose as much to us and the audience.

Publishing time. Now what?

  • Your article will be edited for clarity and brevity, and to conform to the Never Forget Your Wings house style.
  • We will probably change your headline, too, so you might want to suggest alternatives.
  • We’ll give you the day this will be published according to our editorial calendar.
  • Once published, it’s best you share the article with everyone. We will promote it to tens of thousands of people.

Does this sound good?