Free Shipping + Dash 8 Material = Awesome!

Free Shipping + Dash 8 Material = Awesome!

This INCREDIBLE Dash 8 deal will not only give you access to awesome spares but also to free shipping.

What does Dash 8 material and international free shipping have in common?

It’s awesome! 

One of the biggest issues of purchasing Dash 8 material is:

  1. …it’s hard to source. 
  2. …price and demand fluctuate giving you instability. 
  3. …and freight is a pain in the a**. 

Dash 8 rotable material is hard to source for at times, leaving your operation vulnerable. 

Do you like being vulnerable? Of course not!

Check out this video and find out how you can start saving today!

You’ll have 2,000 Dash 8 components at your disposable . Sourcing has never been easier.

Use these components for anything. Think about the possibility: 

  • Use them for an upcoming maintenance check.
  • Update your MEL inventory. 
  • Consolidate them with the expendables and consumables you need. 
  • Use them with your VMI. 
  • Add them into a strategic pool to reduce your inventory cost. 
  • Use them as a flat rate exchange. 

The possibilities are endless. 

And the best part is…

It’s not one part. It’s 2,000. How exciting!!!

Now you’re thinking, I still have to process and chase my order. And you’re right. 

Freight forwarders. 

They’re dreadful. Agonizing. Painful. 

What if you could have the best of both worlds? 

A lovely suite of the Dash 8 material and free shipping. Or dang close to free, all handled by someone else. Us!

With any $10,000 purchase, you’ll get a $500 shipping credit and we’ll handle the logistics. You worry about nothing!


Think of what you can do with that $500. Hmmm…

Okay, back to earth. 

Do this and claim your fame. Get your $500. 

This is what you need to do. Don’t panic. It’s super simple.  

  1. Review nearly 2,000 parts of our new Dash 8 inventory here
  2. Enter your name and email below (click that fancy button below) and an Account Manager will be in touch. 
  3. Purchase the parts you need. On the order confirmation, you’ll see the RED HOT shipping discount. 

P.S. Remember…we’ll handle the freight and logistics for you. All you need to do is order. We’ll ship, chase and trace. You worry about nothing! 

P.P.S. This deal expires in two weeks on date 04/26/2017