How This APS3200 Teardown Can Save You $1,000 Immediately

How This APS3200 Teardown Can Save You $1,000 Immediately

With 67 spares back from a recent APS3600 teardown, we’re putting money back in your operations pocket. Here’s how...

How often do you need spares for your APS 3200 (P/N 4500001B)?

Because your APU has skyrocketed in price, nearly double what it was last year, you find it difficult to manage.

Searching for the material isn’t easy.

And when you come up short, or the price is ridiculously high you panic.

That stops today.

And tomorrow.

But not much longer than that.

With 67 APS3200 (P/N 4500001B) parts fresh from a recent teardown, you can have the parts you need, when you need them.


We’re ready to move on.

So we thought, why not give you a deal that’s hard to say “no” to.

If you know you need this material, say yes, put it in stock, and make or save some money.

Both is a win in our play book.

Here’s how you can do that...

On any of the components on this list, you’ll receive an immediate 10% discount on your order confirmation.

Just imagine!

On a $10,000 unit, that’s $1,000 back in your operations pocket.

I’m sure you can do a lot with the extra $1,000. Am I right?

Or maybe it’ll be $2k, $3k, who knows. Take whatever you need.


Before you go!

Let’s make this even a little more awesome for you...

If you purchase more than 1 item, we’ll up the anty to 12.5%.

So here’s what you need to do.

  1. Review the list RIGHT HERE.

  2. Click the fancy button BELOW.

  3. In the message let us know which P/Ns you’re interested in.

  4. Sit back, relax and one of our Account Managers will reply to your message with the DEAL.

P.S. Not all good things last forever. This deal expires in two weeks from May 4,2017, and we’ll use these spares on our own leased APUs. Take them now!