Try This And Combat Your 45 Day C-check Worries


It's often a fight, you versus your aircraft maintenance c-check. Try This And Combat Your 45 Day C-check Worries

The doors close behind you and it's an all out battle. You're up against a deadline and it's all or nothing.

Either you're on time or you're not. If you fail, money is lost, the pressure thickens, and your bosses get angry. 

It’s a time of intense pressure.

When it comes time for your c-check you begin preparing to be stressed. You prep for your 23 hour days. 

You visualize how you would like it structured, but until your aircraft is in the hangar it’s a guessing game.

But it’s not all lost, having a plan is a perfect starting point.

Create your battle plan

Here at Skylink we have a battle plan for certain activities.

If it’s a maintenance project we organize the logistics in our project management software and prepare for contingencies. 

Your battle plan is specific to your operation, but there's a general truth of how it should be organized.

It should be structured around your primary goal. 

Are you looking to significantly reduce costs, or reduce aircraft down time?

It’s a question you should think about. If you have one, usually the other will suffer. 

Once you have your primary goal in place, you set your foundation.

Set your foundation

You never go into battle alone and the same is true for your aircraft c-check.

Think about who you want to take to battle. Who do you trust? Who communicates well with you? Who has a positive track record?

You probably already have your aircraft MRO chosen, but you’ll also need a logistics company, rotable and consumable support, and possibly a component MRO.

It can get messy fast so having your partners in place will alleviate a lot of pressure during your maintenance check. 

A word of caution, don’t just have your own plan, share it with your partners. Let them get ready to support you. Tell them your goals and what your looking to get out of the project.

Open lines of communication is critical. 

The moral of the c-check story is to not go into battle ill prepared.

Have a plan and have partners to help support your plan. It’s a simple as that.

P.S. Our c-check program is designed for complete rotable and consumable support. One shipment and all supporting spares will arrive to your MRO when and as needed. P.P.S. Click here and tell us about your upcoming c-check and we’ll tell you how we can support you for maximum efficiency.