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In The News: Blackbox of Missing Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft Found and ALTA Traffic Report

Major breakthrough in locating missing Dornier aircraft CG 791: Flight data recorder recovered


After an exhausting 33 day effort that was the largest ever maritime search mission launched by Indian agencies, the coast guard has managed to locate and pick up the flight data recorder of the missing Dornier aircraft CG 791 from the Bay of Bengal. More of the story here.

Article by: Manu Pubby

Latin American Air Carriers Report 3.8% Increase in Passengers

Latin American airlines reported a 3.8 percent increase in passengers for the month of May 2015 compared to May 2014. Capacity (available-seat-kilometers) was up 4.7 percent for the month, slower than revenue-passenger-kilometers (up 5.5 percent). More here.

Article by: Oliver Wyman

In The News: A Look at the Mysterious 'Black Box' and Worldwide Airline Market Forecast

The Mysterious Black Box


Whenever there is an accident involving an airliner, news reporters immediately begin talking about “the Black Box.” Many reporters have no idea what the Black Box is. What exactly is the “Black Box” and why is it so important? Check it out here.

Article by: Ken Hoke

World Air Passenger Demand Grows by 6.9% YOY May

ATA Air Passenger Analysis - May 2015 Worldwide passenger traffic, measured in revenue passenger kilometers, increased by 6.9 percent in May 2015 compared with May 2014, according to the International Air Transport Association. Check out full analysis here.

Article by: Oliver Wyman