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Why Used Parts Scarcity Will Negatively Impact Your Operation

Why Used Parts Scarcity Will Negatively Impact Your Operation

What’s one thing that will save you millions of dollars and months of your time?

Used Serviceable Material (USM).

Without them, you’d throw good money after bad, chase long, complicated lead times and get little OEM support, especially for older aircraft models.

That’s why this post is so crucial for you to read.

It’s a trend that has no foreseeable end, unless particular things happen within the aviation industry, of which, none exist.

The trend is, used serviceable parts are becoming more expensive and scarce.

Do You Know Your Wide-body Aircraft Operating Costs?

Whether you own a fleet of regional, narrow-body or wide-body aircraft, knowing your operating costs is important.

Your goal is to lean out and maximize your fleet to it’s fullest potential. What strategies can you adopt to streamline your maintenance costs? With crew and maintenance costs being over 25% of your total operating costs, I would say these are important, wouldn’t you?

Below is a list from on the reported aircraft operating costs for nearly 500 wide-body aircraft for the 12 months of 2014. Its good to note that fuel prices will clearly be much different for 2015.

Aircraft operating costs per block hour

Cost per ASM

Monthly ownership costs

Average daily aircraft utilization.