Stupid Things "Account Executives" Do That Drive Procurement People Crazy!

Do you hate when an "Account Executive" cancels your PO?

You put all your trust in someone and then, BAM! They cancel. They act like they care by saying “sorry for the inconvenience,” but do they?

Some might, but all the others--not really.

My story below will shed some light on this.

Skylink, Procurement, Sales

Skylink, Procurement, Sales

As far as us purchasing professionals go, we still have to be realistic. We have to live on planet earth.

Things happen. Issues occur. BERs & AOGs are common. Our aircraft maintenance life is complex. Let’s face it.

The forecasting, sourcing, processing, and chasing material is one of the most difficult processes in the world. It’s also the biggest contributor to our high blood pressure.

And yet, itnever helps to deal with stupidity from our sales counterparts. It makes the complex more complicated.

Here’s a perfect example…

Sales Stupidity: A Beautiful Example

The definition of sales stupidity is when someone in sales does any of the following:

  • Has no integrity

  • Cares only about they money he makes

  • Cancels orders with no regard

  • Is unprofessional & unresponsive

  • Never reports solutions to an issue

I’m sure you’ve ran into your fair share of these situations.

Sales Stupidity

Our procurement team had the pleasure of dealing with one of these people recently. This exact scenario is so common it worries me about the integrity of our entire aftermarket supply chain.

Here’s the email...

Lenzee, a Purchasing Coordinator got this email from an “Account Executive.” He does a very nice job lining up his issues. As to terrify us. Is this going BER perhaps?


Keep reading.

He goes on to explain why he has to cancel due to his cost. By now you must be thinking, it must be way over average.

Not a chance.

Let's look at his next email...

Because he's only making $250, he has to increase his price by $2,000.

Wait, what? Because you're not making enough money on the price you quoted, you have to cancel?


And that leads me too...

The Lessons Learned…Again

Other versions of this story are common. 

A lot of sales people take very little responsibility. They care more about getting the sale than the long term relationship.

And yet, we still have to be realistic. Skylink isn’t pardoned from this. Issues happen and are beyond anyone's control. Material goes scarce or obsolete. BERs are common. I get it.

But to handle yourself in this manner to a customer, no way. To say, “I’m not making enough money” is garbage.

The moral of the story is:  Rely on people you know, like, and trust. Work with people who help resolve problems, not send you an email saying they’re not making enough money so they have to cancel.

As a purchasing professional, don’t subject yourself to stupidity from your sales counterparts. Work with people who want to see you succeed. It’ll make your aviation life a lot easier.

Do you have a purchasing horror story? Share it in the comments below.