A Secret Shipping Method To Save You Thousands

Do you know what a properly shipped aircraft part looks like? save-thousand-dollars-on-shipment

Of course you think you do.

There has been many instances where we've received aircraft parts to our facility for repair and they weren't packaged correctly.

Or maybe you received a package and thought to yourself, “what baboon packed this box?”

Between you and me, I've thought this as well.

The parts experience more damage in transit, with thousands of dollars in increased repair costs to show for it.

A simple way to ship your aircraft part

At Skylink, we have a simple rule when we ship your parts.

We call it the fist rule.

You can learn more about it in this weeks video:

Packing your parts might cost a little more and yes, you may spend some more time, but in the long run it’ll save you thousands in freight damages.

And have you ever tried submitting an insurance claim?

Not fun.

Whether you utilize our shipping service or ship your parts to us for repair, make sure the fist rule is implemented in your shipping procedure.

Do you use the fist rule when you ship? Have you experienced damages to your aircraft parts in transit? Comment below.