Never Buy A High Usage Aircraft Expendable Again

What if you never bought another aircraft expendable or consumable again? Never Buy A High Usage Aircraft Expendable Again (1)

How much time and money would that free up for you? In a world of high stress and reactive decisions, dealing with aircraft expendables is a tedious task. From all the line items and quality assurance specifications, it gets overwhelming fast. You spend a lot of time stressing over these items when you should be worrying about your most important objectives for the day.

Dealing with these pesky little aircraft parts takes time for most airlines and MROs. It get’s even worse when you have a long list of these to procure. From the coordination and delivery, time and money slips through the cracks.

In our fast paced aviation world, you’re so used to working under a reactive state, but being proactive is much more efficient.

But guess what? It’s normal and I’ve seen hundreds of airlines and MROs fix this problem. This gives them more time and money to focus on their core objectives.

Consume aircraft expendables the proactive way

The definition of proactive is “…creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.” For your expendables it’s having what you need, when you need it, right before you have to consume it.

When the maintenance and engineering team tells the procurement department that they need 50 lines of washers, hi-loks, tape, wire, and switches, many of the times this list is procured in a rush with the best options being overlooked.

A lot of times I see airlines and MROs procure all 50 lines from 30+ different sources. This is a huge mistake in supply chain efficiency. They just doubled their freight expenditure, not to mention all of the additional processing tasks they’ll have to do.

One way to reduce this is to have a partner that’s an expert in working long list requirements. Another way is to think proactive. What can you do to beat the chaos? What can you do to pre-plan and have expendables shipped to you with the least amount of time on your shelves? How can you organize your supply chain so you have what you want, when you want it, and where you want it?

A Just In Time and On-Demand aircraft expendable and consumable solution is about streamlining your operation.

This solution isn’t for everybody. If you’re a small airline and MRO who doesn’t see the same high usage expendables on a regular basis, then building your high usage expendable and consumable list for forecasting is a waste of your time. You won’t have enough volume yet to experience the benefits, but working with a key partner for your long lists will still give you tons of benefits.

On the other side, if you are a large airline and MRO who procures the same high usage material, the best option would be to automate delivery. Just think about the benefits of not having to cut POs, overstock or worry about shipping from multiple areas. The savings is huge.

The strategic framework this is built on is to reduce stress, be more efficient, and be proactive in your decisions.

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