TAP Portugal Supply Chain Planner breaks down his problem solving strategy.

At 18 years old, Anthony Grieco saw an opportunity to help companies save money in the expanding aviation industry through logistics.  

He earned his degree in Transport Management and Logistics and without wasting any time he immediately began working as a Supply Chain Planner for TAP Portugal.

Anthony quickly realized that his education had given him the tools he needed to do the job but his experiences in the workplace would teach him the skills he needed to be successful.  

Watch this episode of Ask an Expert for an inside look at Supply Chain Planning with Anthony Grieco, TAP Portugal.

Show Notes

[1:38]   Anthony discusses how he decided to begin his career and education in logistics.

[2:51]   Did Anthony’s education completely prepare him to begin his real world career?

[3:19]  Anthony reveals his secret for handling mistakes in life.

[3:37]  What’s the best problem-solving strategies for supply chain planner?

[5:13]  Ask yourself the 5 Whys, breaking it down with Lean Six Sigma.

[6:48]  Problem solving when time is not on your side.

[7:45]  Is communication at the root of most supply chain problems?

[9:20]  See how miscommunication can drive up your total material cost.

[11:20]  Anthony talks about how universities can help prepare students for the workplace.

[13:52]  Are companies prepared to train students as they enter the workforce?

[14:43]  What is the one skill Anthony wishes he knew before entering into his supply chain career?

[15:40]  Do you have emotional control?  How does it impact your everyday interactions?

[16:16]  See what Anthony does every morning to prepare for the stresses of the day ahead of him.

[16:46]  Anthony tells us his tips and tricks for staying productive and organized at work.

[17:55]  Are emails getting out of control?  Keep it simple.  

[19:53]  How Anthony handles the biggest recurring problems that come across his desk.

[24:00]  What’s next for Anthony Grieco?

[25:40] Interested in keeping the conversation going?  Contact Anthony, here’s how.

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